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North Dakota, USA
Brigham Young University
newspaper staff writer
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award

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I'm a long-time, award-winning novelist, perhaps best known for my Regency Romances, two of which have earned Rita Awards from Romance Writers of America. I've also been writing Mormon-themed novels, as well as historical fiction for Harlequin and CamelPress in Seattle. I have three Whitney Awards from LDStorymakers, and two Spur Awards from Western Writers of America, plus a Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times (which makes me feel like I have one foot in the grave).

I love to write. The whole process still fascinates me, even after many novels and short stories, and some non-fiction work. I'm still learning with every book. [adapted from Amazon.com Author Page, retrieved 11/10/2016]



Another fantastic Timeless Romance anthology! I love these novella collections. A Wyoming Summer sweeps the reader back to the early 1900’s when the West was truly wild and untamed. With romance, some suspense, and endearing characters, these three compelling stories celebrate the strong women who endured all sorts of dangers and hardships in the rough Wyoming wilderness to persevere & find love.

Ellen Found by Carla Kelly details the building of the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone through the eyes of an ambitious, kind young woman. As an orphan, Ellen longs for family & acceptance. She leaves an awful waitressing job in Montana with her scraggly yet brave cat Plato in tow to become an assistant cook at the Inn. While there she forms deep friendships & finds her purpose. Though she faces imminent danger from a bear and other challenges, she finds the love & family she’s always dreamed of. Loved the journal entries, Ellen’s relationship with Charles and his sweet daughter, and the history behind the famous inn. I enjoyed how invested I became in these characters in such a few amount of pages.

The Widow of Daybreak by Christine Sterling involves a small Wyoming town terrorized by a group of outlaws. Doris Whistler’s husband was killed by the vicious gang & she and her daughters are now threatened by their leader Rufus. Buck Montgomery retired from the military to become a lawman. When he hears the plight of his friend’s sister Doris, he decides to visit the town to save them from the gang. Loved the whirlwind romance between Dory & Buck. Though she’s still hurting from the loss of her husband, she finds comfort & love again with Buck. This was a true Western complete with a shootout & plenty of action. The dangerous gang’s antics kept me turning the pages. I also enjoyed Dory’s friend Violet & would love to get her story.

May I Kiss the Bride? By Heather B. Moore started off with a train holdup! Viola Delany is traveling from San Francisco to her aunt’s home in Wyoming to assist her in her bakery. Along the way, she meets a handsome sheriff & feels an instant connection. Surviving a train robbery together, they soon find that their destination is one & the same. Despite a failed engagement, Viola can’t help but be attracted to the cowboy lawman & enjoys his too-wise-for-her-young-age daughter. Will she give love a second chance? I loved Viola’s aunt & the townspeople. I loved how all the young men were clamoring to get a look at Viola. I loved the friendship & romance between Viola & Rey and how he supported her with her desire to become a nurse.

All three of these novellas were fabulous & can easily be enjoyed in a day. Highly recommend this collection to Western & historical romance fans. I received an advanced complimentary copy from the publisher through AustenProse PR. All opinions are my own & voluntarily given.
… (mais)
Melissas-Bookshelf | Jun 30, 2023 |
5 stars.
Carla Kelly blows me away, pretty much every single time. You can tell that she loves history and writes such vivid characters. As I was reading, at around 50%, I was crying, and I KNEW that there was worse to come for the main characters. It was so interesting to me, though, and the characters were honourable.
mamawerewolf | 6 outras críticas | Jun 26, 2023 |
On one hand, Libby's London Merchant feels distinctly anachronistic within its ostensible Regency setting: there's lots of kissing, there's lots of feminism, and there's lots of careful exposition of class distinctions to guide any comatose readers in the audience. In these things, Libby's London Merchant follows the tradition of other books by the author. On the other hand, Libby's London Merchant also follows the tradition of charming characters and a wonderful sense of their physicality. The characters are never abstracted; they are all bound and rounded by their steady heart beats, their long limbs, their warm skin. I think I may just have to close my eyes and pretend that these books take place in an alternative-reality Regency, the one ruled by Regent Charlotte and marked by a spirit of free-wheeling affection. It's possible! Let's go on a journey of the imagination!… (mais)
proustbot | 4 outras críticas | Jun 19, 2023 |
In Regency England, Ellen Grimsley resents how carelessly her wastrel brother Gordon treats his studies at an Oxford university -- and her own ineligibility for those hallowed, masculine halls. But after Gordon maneuvers her into writing his Shakespeare essays for him, Ellen seizes the opportunity, dons drag, and plunges into Oxford. Cross-dressing hijinks ensue.

The first half of _Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career_ follows the sacred traditions of the feminist cross-dressing comedy (with antecedents ranging from _Twelfth Night_ to _Just One of the Guys_). There's the spunky heroine unfairly denied access to patriarchal privileges. (Modern outrage!) There's the dreamy hero who juggles separate relationships with the heroine and her masculine alter-ego. (Dramatic irony!) The heroine investigates gendered opportunities and suffers near-discoveries by disapproving society! There are hijinks!

Then the second half of _Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career_ arrives and ruthlessly punctures all those familiar genre expectations. The spunky heroine cannot fix the system and hooking up with the dreamy hero is going to involve lots of brutal, unfair compromises on her part. The bubbly feminist comedy tilts into anguish as Ellen agonizes over her limited choices and tries to pick the least of her potential evils.

There's an uneasy tension between the comedy and angst, which are never tightly integrated. Rather, the comedy seems slapped on top of the angst, and then the angst is slathered on top of the comedy. I'm not sure I love this approach, but there's something to be said for the subsequent strain. The jarring comedy sensitizes the reader to every nuance of that disquieting angst, and vice versa. But, like a shoe's vamp and sole, the novel's funny bits and its serious bits are distinct elements sewn together despite their material opposition. And sometimes the sole threatens to pull away from the shoe.

(But, on a base and low-brow note: the dreamy hero is incredibly dreamy.)
… (mais)
proustbot | 2 outras críticas | Jun 19, 2023 |



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