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The Book of Bright Ideas (2006) 537 exemplares
Carry Me Home: A Novel (2004) 166 exemplares
How High the Moon: A Novel (2010) 96 exemplares
A Life of Bright Ideas: A Novel (2012) 68 exemplares


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20th Century
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Wisconsin, USA



Using a child narrator for a novel intended for adult readers is a tricky proposition, but Sandra Kring pulls it off with perfection in The Book of Bright Ideas.

Evelyn Peters (aka “Button”) is the heart of this tale of childhood friendship that grows with the intensity that only eight-going-on-nine can muster when an unconventional pair of siblings burst into their staid midwestern town like the fireworks on “Marty Graw”. Freeda Malone is a fiery redhead with the mouth of a sailor, the body of a temptress, and a perhaps too-healthy appetite for male company. Her baby sister Winnalee is an impatient bundle of energy, dubious fashion choices, and big ideas (which she writes down in the titular book). That the two girls should instantly become best of friends is almost inevitable, as Button’s imagination is nurtured by Winnalee’s flights of fancy, and Winnalee finds stability and loving acceptance from Button’s Aunt Verdella.

What’s perhaps less to be expected is that the free-spirited Freeda also opens doors for Verdella and for Button’s mother, Jewel – a process Button sees and describes, without fully understanding what’s at the base of it all. She knows only that, bit by bit, her world is getting just slightly bigger, though sometimes the grown-ups around her make choices she can’t really comprehend.

Kring keeps the point-of-view firmly with Button, even as events unfold in the adult world that will change everything in heartbreaking ways. Most readers will have winkled out the main revelation long before it’s made, but can still feel the pain the knowledge brings to everyone touched by it.

Definitely worth the read.
… (mais)
LyndaInOregon | 12 outras críticas | Nov 29, 2023 |
I thought wthis book was going to be "one I just couldn't finish ". The fault was mine. I agree with all the other readers who loved this book.

kimkimkim | 6 outras críticas | Aug 21, 2017 |
"Maybe hearts are like toes in that you can't feel them stinging when they're frozen, only when they begin to thaw." It speaks to the gumption of young heroine, Bless Adler, that she found the courage to thaw at all, considering the lousy hand she'd been dealt in life. But Bless is nothing if not plucky, and I was taken with her from the get-go.

Kring shows off her storytelling skills in bringing Bless and all of the other characters to life. The action feels immediate and the teen romance is pitch-perfect. A thoroughly enjoyable, heartfelt read.… (mais)
SonjaYoerg | 1 outra crítica | Mar 6, 2017 |
It took a little while to get into this book but so I was deep into the book again, visiting old friends. I hated to see the book end and I feel like I said good-bye to friends when I turned the last page and closed the book.
wearylibrarian | 6 outras críticas | Oct 21, 2016 |



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