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A murder mystery in space, with many, many coincidences and points of view.

First, I did enjoy this book, it was fun, the world building was fun, the different species on the station were fun and I enjoyed the main characters. And to my surprise, the various many threads of plot points did all end up coming together in the end, and it was a satisfying end.

So far I have enjoyed each of the authors books but that being said, there are some unfortunate consistencies with Mur Lafferty's writing. One is that everything feels kind of shallow and there aren't any real surprises. The second is that in every single book I've ready by her, there is something, a scene or chapter or writing technique that is upsetting or shouldn't be there. And in this book just after the half way point in the book she began to insert several totally unnecessary POV CHAPTERS for minor background characters that don't really matter or chapters spent on a POV flashbacks to events that could have been summarized in a few short sentences. And every time one of these POV's started the book just slammed to a stop and became a slog to get through. It felt like the author had spent so much time on the world building and background characters that she just couldn't bring herself to let them go, even though the book would have been a thousand times better without them. It took me days to get through less than 100 pages.

Once that part stopped and she finally got back to the plot of the book, it started to flow much better and went back to being a fun read. And as I said above, for me the ending was satisfying. And I am looking forward to reading the sequel.
… (mais)
Kellswitch | 20 outras críticas | Feb 17, 2024 |
What a fun ride! So many bonkers things happen in this book. All my favorite characters (Mallory, Xan, Tina) are back, along with a whole new set of colorful characters. And there's a series of disasters on the space station, personal drama to deal with, and of course another murder to solve. I loved it! In the end, the only ones dead are two guys who kind of had it coming, and there are some interesting threads for the future, like, will Adrian get his translation bug turned off so he can really learn alien languages?… (mais)
lavaturtle | 5 outras críticas | Feb 13, 2024 |
This is, in part, a locked-room mystery set on a spaceship. The author has done an interesting job of creating the technological underpinnings for the story so that it can all hang together well. But for some reason I cannot put my finger on (which is not all helpful in a review, I know), I didn't find it as satisfying as I think it ought to be. Hence the three-star review. But I would encourage you to read it, nonetheless. Laffterty definitely has talent, and I look forward to reading her work in the future.… (mais)
Treebeard_404 | 88 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
If you haven't read "Station Eternity," do not pass go, do not collect $200.00, go and read that novel first.

Having introduced the character of Mallory Viridian, a woman who wound up going into off-Earth exile because she got sick of always being associated with murders, which only she can solve, and unwinding how this state of affairs came to be, the question becomes how do you top that? Well, you really don't, but you do work through the implications of what it means to be in a symbiotic relationship with a society of wasp-like beings, who just so happen to have their own enemies. Not to mention that there are still characters who have business with Mallory. Being an actual mystery, there are limits to what one can talk about, but if you liked the first book you should like this one.… (mais)
Shrike58 | 5 outras críticas | Jan 21, 2024 |



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