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Thanhha Lai was born in 1965 in Vietnam. She is an American writer of children's literature. At the Fall of Saigon April 30, 1975, her soldier father was missing in action. Mother and children fled to the United States and moved to Montgomery,Alabama, because one man there was willing to sponsor mostrar mais all ten of them. Before high school, the family had moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Lai graduated from University of Texas, Austin with a degree in journalism and from 1988 worked about two years for the Orange County, California newspaper The Register, covering Little Saigon, the local Vietnamese community. She earned a Master of Fine Arts from New York University and settled in New York City, where she teaches at Parsons The New School for Design. In 2011, she won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature and a Newbery Honor for her debut novel, Inside Out & Back Again, published by HarperCollins. It is a verse novel based on her first year in the United States, a ten-year-old child who spoke no English when she arrived. In 2013 this novel made The New York Times best seller list. 030 (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Inside Out and Back Again (2011) 4,811 exemplares
Listen, Slowly (2015) 529 exemplares
Butterfly Yellow (2019) 223 exemplares
When Clouds Touch Us (2023) 48 exemplares
Hundred Years of Happiness (2022) 45 exemplares

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K-Gr 3—At once a lifelong love story between husband and wife, a tribute to the sweetness of multigenerational
connections, and a celebration of Vietnamese cultural traditions and cuisine, this title should find a home in every
BackstoryBooks | 2 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2024 |
Hang recalls some harrowing stuff over the course of this novel, however, those moments are buffered with bits of humor and hope and the kind of characters who feel as though they’ll linger in your mind forever in a good way.

LeeRoy is most definitely one of those characters, and a surprise at that. He’s a wanna-be cowboy with no actual cowboy experience (yet way too much confidence in his cowboy abilities), he’s an early adopter of rap music (this story takes place in the early 80’s), sports a mustache and questionable cowboy duds, plus he’s booksmart. In our often horrible real world, a girl like Hang probably would have crossed paths with someone awful, but I’m so glad LeeRoy is the person the author gave her, patient and kind and funny and more impressed by Hang’s feisty personality than put out by it.

It should be noted what hints of romance there are here, are slow in coming and often subtle, that isn’t going to work for every reader, to me though it fit the story perfectly, Hang had more pressing concerns than landing a boyfriend. But if you do like a quieter kind of romance, LeeRoy’s willingness to talk Hang through a certain moment in this book is just about as attractive as someone can get, there’s no need for a steamy makeout session to emphasize the point the author makes right then and there about what Hang and LeeRoy mean to one another.

The settings in this book, toiling in the dust and the heat of Texas farm country, the flashbacks to life in Vietnam altered by the military’s presence, and the treachorous boat journey to the US, these are places and experiences I’ve never come close to having but they’re written in a way that made them easily imagined all without going overboard on description.

Lastly, I have to talk about Hang. She’s so admirable to survive what she survived, to carry the amount of guilt she feels and not let it weigh her down, not let the language barrier or fear or anything else stop her from trying to reunite with her little brother. She is brimming with toughness and soul. If you’re looking for a hero (and don’t mind if she’s fictional) I doubt you could find much better than Hang.
… (mais)
SJGirl | 8 outras críticas | Mar 3, 2024 |
Very moving. A lovely story that holds on to you.
Aidan767 | 553 outras críticas | Feb 1, 2024 |
- Age: End of intermediate to middle school

- About a girl and her family who moved from Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Her story about how she ended up in Alabama and what it was like to start school in the U.S and learn english.

- I would use it in my classroom as it is about a different culture and experiences to help us gain perspective. It is written in free verse poetry which made it an easy read.
sabmcd | 553 outras críticas | Jan 31, 2024 |



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