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You are presented with alternate narratives, Lola who cannot remember anything when she comes to in a roadside ditch at night, and Drew, who is under suspicion by nearly everyone after his girlfriend vanishes and he's the last person who saw her. The story bounces back and forth, each time a tiny bit more being revealed so you can start building your own conclusion. Even when plenty has been given to readers, I wasn't quite ready for what actually happened the night Lola vanished and the end result may well creep you out. It's told in a masterful manner.
sennebec | Jan 22, 2024 |
A serial killers obsession with finding his "daughter" leads to a string of missing teenage girls.

Wayne Boone finds his "daughter" at a police station after she is found wondering on a road. Wayne proves that the girl is his "daughter" with documentation since she has no memory of who she is. Wayne's demeanor changes as the girl known as Mary begins to recall her past and discovers he has been lying to her. She discovers that her loving father is not who he claims to be.

Drew is convinced that his ex-girlfriend, Lola, is in danger when she disappears from town without a trace. Drew is blamed for her disappearance by the local police and townspeople. Drew, his cousin, and Autumn find a break in the case which leads to a race against time to find Lola before its' too late.

Megan Lally well written novel is a page turner with its plot and characters. Wayne seems like a caring father who is concerned about his "daughter", Mary, who is found wondering the road. Wayne shows his darker side when Mary begins to disappoint him. Drew's belief that Lola is alive gives readers hope that the will come home. I highly recommend this book. It is a great read for its plot that makes readers wonder if Mary and Lola are the same person.
wolfshirem | Jan 8, 2024 |
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