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Antoine Laurain is an author who was born in Paris in 1970. He is an antiques collector, screenwriter, and the author of four novels. His title, The President's Hat, is set in the Mitterand years, and won the Prix Landerneau Découvertes and the Prix Relay in 2012. The idea for this story came from mostrar mais Laurain leaving his hat behind in a café and returning to find it no where in sight. He began to wonder who might be wearing it and where they might me. The tale is set in the 1980's and picks up from there. The cover of the book is a picture of the French President's Mitterand's hat. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The Red Notebook (2014) 683 exemplares
The President's Hat (2012) 402 exemplares
The Readers' Room (2020) 97 exemplares
French Rhapsody (2016) 92 exemplares
Vintage 1954 (2018) 75 exemplares
The Portrait (2007) 68 exemplares
Smoking Kills (2008) 26 exemplares
An Astronomer in Love (2022) 17 exemplares
Red Is My Heart (2021) 12 exemplares
Carrefour des nostalgies (2009) 8 exemplares
Das Bild aus meinem Traum (2018) 2 exemplares
French Windows (2024) 2 exemplares
Le Cid, Pierre Corneille (2003) 1 exemplar


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Paris, Île-de-France, France
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Palace-Costes, Magazine de luxe (Journaliste)

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Antoine Laurain est un écrivain français né en 1972. Après ses études secondaires, il s’oriente vers des études de cinéma à l’université.
Il commence sa carrière en réalisant des courts-métrages et en s’essayant à l’écriture de scénarios tout en travaillant comme assistant d'un antiquaire parisien. Cette expérience l'inspire pour son premier roman 'Ailleurs, si j’y suis'.
Antoine Laurain est aussi journaliste pour le magazine de luxe Palace-Costes.



It took a while to get into it, and I didn't find the characters all that likeable, but it was still fun, just not as good as his others.
dvoratreis | 7 outras críticas | May 22, 2024 |
Antoine Laurain is an admirer of the writing of Patrick Modiano. He tells us so in his book The Red Notebook where he has the unknown woman carrying a copy of Modiano's The Black Notebook in her purse. In The Black Notebook, Modiano's character starts off on a search for a woman in his past, based on what he had written years before in an old black notebook. In The Red Notebook, Laurain does something similar, but rather than be dark and serious, he is light and charming.
It's the same with The Portrait. In Modiano's "Missing Person" you have a character who suffers amnesia and after some years starts off on a journey to find out who he really is. In Laurain's The Portrait, the person finds a painting from the 18th century that looks just like him. That leads him to a journey to find out who the subject of the painting is, and that leads to....
Once again, Laurain's story is far less dark and much more charming. But the question of identity is still there to ponder, if you care to.
While Modiano won the Nobel Prize for Literature, I doubt that Laurain ever will. But his writing is good and his stories are clever and much more fun to read!
… (mais)
dvoratreis | 2 outras críticas | May 22, 2024 |
This was a pleasure to read.
dvoratreis | 35 outras críticas | May 22, 2024 |
This is the fourth of Laurain's books that I've read (and there is another one sitting, waiting, on the tbr shelf). He's witty, he's funny, his books are charming. All but this one. It's witty but I didn't find it particularly charming.
dvoratreis | 1 outra crítica | May 22, 2024 |



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