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R. K. Laxman (1921–2015)

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Inclui os nomes: R L Laxman, R K Laxman

Obras por R. K. Laxman

Brushing Up the Years (2005) 33 exemplares
The Tunnel of Time (1998) 29 exemplares
The Best of Laxman (1990) 28 exemplares
A Dose of Laughter (2002) 20 exemplares
Servants of India (2000) 19 exemplares
The Very Best of the Common Man (2012) 18 exemplares
Distorted Mirror, the (2003) 13 exemplares
The Common Man Takes a Stroll (2000) 13 exemplares
Laugh with Laxman (1999) 11 exemplares
The Common Man Watches Cricket (1998) 11 exemplares
The Common Man Meets The Mantri (1990) 10 exemplares
The Common Man Seeks Justice (2003) 9 exemplares
You said it, (1968) 8 exemplares
A Vote for Laughter (2003) 8 exemplares
Best of Laxman Vol. 2 (1993) 7 exemplares
Hotel Riviera (India) (1988) 6 exemplares
You Said It - 4 (1970) 6 exemplares
Collected Writing (2000) 6 exemplares
The Common Man Casts His Vote (2005) 5 exemplares
Laugh with Laxman: V.2 (Vol 2) (2003) 5 exemplares
The Common Man Stands in Queue (2000) 5 exemplares
Laxman, Rekhas (2011) 4 exemplares
Management of Management (1977) 3 exemplares
You Said It 3 (1968) 3 exemplares
You Said It - 2 3 exemplares
The messenger (1993) 3 exemplares
Idle Hours 3 exemplares
You Said It-Vol 1 (1980) 3 exemplares
Best of Laxman, Vol. 5 (1996) 2 exemplares
You said it- vol5 2 exemplares
Yes he is the best 1 exemplar
Best of Laxman Vol. 7 (1999) 1 exemplar
Laxman rekhas (2005) 1 exemplar
You Said It 7 1 exemplar


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Nome canónico
Laxman, R. K.
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Mysore, India
Local de falecimento
Pune, India
Narayan, R K, (brother)
Times of India



R K Laxman is India's best-known and best-loved cartoonist. For nearly forty years his immortal character, the Common Man (wearing a long-checked coat, a dhoti and a perpetually bemused air) has continued to delight and charm readers. This selection, chosen by the cartoonist himself, brings together the best of the Common Man.
rajendran | Feb 28, 2007 |
We have a national treasure. Its status is indisputable, its authenticity unquestionable; it doesn't lie neglected in some forgotten storehouse, and it is beyond vandalising. It unfailingly brings a smile to over a million readers every day. That treasure is the art of R K Laxman, arguably India's best cartoonist and among the world's reputed.
If a photograph speaks a thousand words, even more remarkable is the eloquent economy of a few masterful strokes. And, in no hands are the strokes more articulate, more acerbic than in those of Laxman. His daily cartoon, ""You Said It"", is pocket-sized, but the point it makes punctures all the pomposity of those who think they command the earth.
Laxman's ""Common Man"" has overturned the definition of ""common"". He is an icon who, in his homespun dhoti and patched coat, has assuredly taken his place beside the country's greatest and most gloried. The ""Common Man"" has never said a word in his 40 years of existence - he leaves comment to his sharp-nosed, sharp-tongued wife. Yet, his perennially startled expression is the subtle coup de grace to the arrogance of power being deflated in that morning's cartoon.
Which is why we at The Times of India have treasured Laxman for the 50 years that we have had the privilege of having him. We have given him the space he needs. It is not the soundproof room or the protection from the many wanting to meet in person the man they've marveled at for decades. The space he has enjoyed is intellectual. No editor - and he's worked with the most celebrated of them - would dream of even suggesting to Laxman what he should lampoon, let alone what he shouldn't. There are many competitive edges that make The Times of India the second most highly circulated newspaper amongst general interest broadsheet dailies in the world. In this luminous cluster, Laxman is the centrepiece. We are proud that, for the past half century, he has made The Times of India his as much as we have made him ours.
… (mais)
rajendran | Feb 28, 2007 |

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