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Healthy Snacks, Healthy You! (2011) 15 exemplares
Iguanodon (Little Paleontologist) (2015) 12 exemplares
Hurricanes (First Book) (1993) 5 exemplares
Pesticides (Impact Books) (1991) 5 exemplares
All-Time Favorites (2011) 5 exemplares
San Antonio (1992) 4 exemplares
Knights (Pebble Plus: Royalty) (2013) 3 exemplares
Birds : a 4D book (2018) 3 exemplares
Amphibians : a 4D book (2018) 2 exemplares
Nightie Night, Lucy (2007) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

The Parents Answer Book: From Birth Through Age Five (2000) — Prefácio — 10 exemplares
Your Three- and Four-Year-Old: As They Grow (2000) — Prefácio — 5 exemplares
As They Grow: Your Two-Year-Old (2000) — Prefácio — 5 exemplares
Your Five- and Six-Year-Old: As They Grow (2000) — Prefácio — 5 exemplares
As They Grow: Your One-Year-Old (2000) — Prefácio — 4 exemplares
Parents Picks: The Activity Book (Parent's Picks) (2003) — Prefácio — 4 exemplares
Snow White [Retold by Paul Koh] (1996) — Editor — 1 exemplar


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Mustygusher | Dec 19, 2022 |
lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
The main purpose of the story is to inform young readers about the history of the very popular holiday, Halloween. I enjoyed this book for three reasons. One, I really liked the organization of the book. Everything is labeled and put in order by category. The book includes a table of contents page for easy location of a specific section, a glossary of words that may be new to the reader and even small blurbs at the bottom of pages with word pronunciations. Second, I liked the like photographs used as illustration. Actual photographs are always an interesting aspect of picture books. It shows realism and allow the reader to make personal connections to what they are reading, especially for informational books, photographs capture that factual essences. Lastly, I really liked the simplicity of the text. Informational books can try to provide so much information at once that may confuse its younger readers, however in this book, the information provided is very simple but still gives facts about the Holiday. I even learned something new while reading this book. Overall good book.… (mais)
dcrome1 | Oct 24, 2016 |
This book was well written. But not very intriguing. I am not sure how long it took the writer to make this book but it seems a short while. I am not very fond of Nonfiction books. So that could be a reason I don't like this book very much. But I would recommend this book to people who love either Laura Bush or Nonfiction books.

This book tells about Laura and her family. She had two daughters and a husband. She has written books, and she tries to make everything fair throughout the USA. She made a association of books so many people cam read. She is very kind. Her life has changed a lot since she was little. - Julia M.… (mais)
JuliaM.BG3 | Oct 24, 2016 |

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