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London, England, UK
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London, England, UK
Brunel University (BA|MA|Ph.D|2006)
Brunel University
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Aspen Words Literary Prize (2020)



The family of Tasso, Irini and Chasa experience a fire that spreads through the forest they live in. The fire destroys everything they and their neighbours know, taking family and friends with it. We watch as Irini finds out who caused the fire, and why he took his own life.

The novel is such a great reminder that life is precious, human and our earth, and how it needs to be taken care of so much more than we do. As a daughter, there is many quotes and chapters that hit so hard because the mother in the novel is doing what she can to protect her daughter of what life does to them.

So impactful, even recommended it to a teacher, great read truly, this is my first ARC read and I did not expect to read something that I feel will leave me thinking, but I am glad I did.
… (mais)
3lizabethwh0 | 8 outras críticas | Feb 24, 2024 |
Excellent book. A nuanced book with issues discussed sensibly and well. The characters were great - real people who live in the grey area. Loved the daughter. Loved the dog. I even liked the characters.
shazjhb | 8 outras críticas | Feb 9, 2024 |
A forest fire wreaks havoc in the lives of the residents of a Greek village located in the foothills of a mountain, close to the sea, wiping out homes and leaving a trail of death and devastation in its wake. Irina, a music teacher, her painter husband Tasso, and young daughter Clara, along with their dog, are among those who survive the fire. Irina decides to write about her experiences to help her cope with the trauma, her own “Book of Fire.”

“There is something about stories that allows us to process the present. We listen to tales of tribulations overcome so that we might imagine we can survive ours. Children listen to the same fairy tale time and time again because there is a puzzle in their hearts that they unknowingly need to solve.”

The Book of Fire by Christy Lefteri is a deeply emotional read that revolves around family, home and community, human resilience, and survival. The narrative moves between past and present with chapters from Irina’s “book” interspersed throughout the present-day narrative describing the events of the day of the fire and its immediate aftermath. The present-day narrative follows Irina and her family and their friends who chose to remain on the island and go about rebuilding their community while coming to terms with their losses.

“The fire has burnt our souls, our hearts. It has turned to ashes the people we once were.”

We share Irina’s journey as she and her family deal with their physical and emotional trauma from the fire, the destruction of their home, and the surrounding forest area in the aftermath of the tragedy. Irina also encounters the man responsible for the fire and struggles with her guilt over her reaction toward him in a critical moment.

The writing is descriptive, and the author transports you to Irina’s world before and after the fire. The author focuses on important themes such as forced migration, climate change and environmental concerns, corporate greed and human negligence, trauma, and grief, among others.

Beautifully written, intimate, heartbreaking yet hopeful, this is the kind of story that stays with you long after you have turned the last page. Do read the Author’s note where she discusses the places and the events that inspired her to write this novel.

Many thanks to Random House Publishing Group- Ballantine and NetGalley for the digital review copy.
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srms.reads | 8 outras críticas | Jan 31, 2024 |
Irini, her husband, Tasso and their daughter, Chara live in small village in Greece. One afternoon a fire demolishes their home and their life as they know it. Their neighbor is accused of starting the fire that destroyed acres of land and many lives. One day not long after the fire, Irini comes across this neighbor near death. She makes a fateful decision that she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

Irini is such a strong woman and she is trying to hold it all together after a terrible disaster that nearly destroyed everything. My heart went out to Irini as she experienced heartbreak, anger, despair and yes…love as well.

Even though I did not enjoy this book as much as The Beekeeper of Aleppo, I was still captivated and emotional during this tale. This author can create some unique situations which will have you questioning what you would do in this happened in your world.

Need a beautifully written story about loss and strength…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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fredreeca | 8 outras críticas | Jan 1, 2024 |



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