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Karen Levine (desambiguação)

"Karen Levine" é composto de pelo menos 3 autores distintos, separados pelas suas obras.

Inclui os nomes: Karen Levine

Karen Levine (1)

Karen Levine (2)

Karen Levine (3)

Karen Levine (desconhecido)

Nota de desambiguação
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1. Karen Levine is a native of Ottawa who now makes her home in Toronto. She is a producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.. Her accomplishments have been many. For 7 years Karen was executive producer of “As it Happens.” She created long-running series for “This Morning” and “Sunday Edition.” Karen has twice received the prestigious Peabody Award for documentaries. One of the Peabodies was presented for her work “Children of the Holocaust.” HANA’S SUITCASE was originally a documentary which won a gold medal in New York in 2001. The Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee is not alone in honoring Karen Levine HANA’S SUITCASE has been named winner of the Issac Frischwasser Memorial Award in Children’s Literature of the Canadian Jewish Book Awards. 

3. Dr. Karen Levine. As a Developmental Psychologist of more than twenty years, Dr. Karen Levine’s passion for improving the well being of children with challenges has been the driving force throughout her career. Dr. Levine focuses on the child’s social and emotional development conducting play based diagnostic evaluations, therapeutic consultation, interaction with family members, treatment and consultations with educators, agencies and other professionals. Karen’s goal is to bring a sense of well being to the child, as well as to their family, Therapeutic and Educational Team. 
Karen Levine was the co-founder and co-director of both the Boston Children's Hospital Autism Program and the Building Blocks Specialty Service Provider program of the North Shore ARC. She is on the National Boards of the Interdisciplinary Council for Development and Learning Disorders (ICDL), and the Williams Syndrome Association. She is also an instructor at Harvard Medical School. In addition to co-authoring Replays, Karen Levine has also published many articles and book chapters on related topics. She is a frequent regional and national presenter and has also spoken at the Massachusetts State house on legislation for autism services. 
Dr. Levine has 15 years experience in Floortime/DIR, advanced training in Collaborative Problem Solving, and holds a BCBA-D certificate. She believes there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, that approaches can be integrated, and that individual children and families need different kinds of support at different points in their development. 
Dr. Levine is a Licensed Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston University (1989), an Masters in Education from the Harvard Graducate School of Education (1985) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Brandeis University (1982). 
Dr. Levine is the recipient of the Federation for Children with Special Needs Founders Award 2010, the BIDIP (Boston Institute for the Development of Infants and Parents) Award for Excellence in 2000, and the William’s Syndrome National Education Award, 1994. 

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"Karen Levine" é composto de pelo menos 3 autores distintos, separados pelas suas obras. Pode editar a separação.


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