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Johanna Lindsey was one of the world's most successful romance authors. She has written over 30 books, of which 54 million copies are in print and have been translated into 12 languages. Lindsey was born with the name Johanna Helen Howard on March 10, 1952. As a young wife and mother, Lindsey mostrar mais became a great fan of romance novels and wrote her first book, Captive Bride in 1977, on a whim when she was 25. To the young author's great surprise, it made The New York Times Bestsellers list. Lindsey had found a romance formula that worked. Take any setting past or present, introduce a rascally rakish male and a romantic heroine, let their hearts ignite with passion, lust, and love. Lindsey has something of a cult following, following such titles as "Heart of Thunder", "Hearts Aflame", "A Heart So Wild", and ''Keeper of the Heart". She has loyal fans reading "Glorious Angel" and "Gentle Rogue" and legions of devotees buying her Malory family series. In 2014 her title, Stormy Persuasion, made The New York Times Best Seller List Johanna Lindsey passed away on October 27, 2019 at the age of 67. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras por Johanna Lindsey

Gentle Rogue (1990) 1,310 exemplares
Say You Love Me (1996) 1,285 exemplares
A Loving Scoundrel (2004) 1,249 exemplares
Love Only Once (1985) 1,195 exemplares
The Magic of You (1993) 1,126 exemplares
Tender Rebel (1988) 1,072 exemplares
Captive of My Desires (2006) 1,003 exemplares
Love Me Forever (1995) 994 exemplares
The Heir (2000) 971 exemplares
Once a Princess (1991) 958 exemplares
Marriage Most Scandalous (2005) — Autor — 944 exemplares
Prisoner of My Desire (1991) 926 exemplares
The Devil Who Tamed Her (2007) 909 exemplares
The Present (1998) 890 exemplares
Warrior's Woman (1990) 864 exemplares
Man of My Dreams (1992) 853 exemplares
The Pursuit (2002) 852 exemplares
No Choice but Seduction (2008) 827 exemplares
You Belong to Me (1994) 821 exemplares
Heart of a Warrior (2001) 808 exemplares
Joining (1999) 802 exemplares
Hearts Aflame (1987) 791 exemplares
Fires of Winter (1980) 778 exemplares
All I Need Is You (1997) 775 exemplares
Angel (1992) 768 exemplares
Keeper of the Heart (1993) 750 exemplares
A Man to Call My Own (2003) 743 exemplares
Surrender My Love (1994) 718 exemplares
Captive Bride (1977) 708 exemplares
Silver Angel (1988) 702 exemplares
Home for the Holidays (2000) 690 exemplares
Secret Fire (1987) 683 exemplares
Defy Not the Heart (1989) 678 exemplares
Until Forever (1995) 678 exemplares
A Pirate's Love (1978) 677 exemplares
A Gentle Feuding (1984) 676 exemplares
Savage Thunder (1989) 652 exemplares
So Speaks the Heart (1983) 643 exemplares
A Heart So Wild (1986) 594 exemplares
When Love Awaits (1986) 592 exemplares
Tender Is the Storm (1985) 579 exemplares
A Rogue of My Own (2009) 572 exemplares
That Perfect Someone (2010) 569 exemplares
Brave the Wild Wind (1984) 540 exemplares
Heart of Thunder (1983) 486 exemplares
Glorious Angel (1982) 476 exemplares
Paradise Wild (1981) 432 exemplares
When Passion Rules (2011) — Autor — 379 exemplares
Let Love Find You (2012) 332 exemplares
One Heart to Win (2013) 302 exemplares
Stormy Persuasion (2014) 282 exemplares
Make Me Love You (2016) 209 exemplares
Beautiful Tempest (2018) 195 exemplares
Wildfire in His Arms (2015) 186 exemplares
Temptation's Darling (2019) 131 exemplares
Marry Me by Sundown (2018) 118 exemplares
3 in 1: Love Only Once / Tender Rebel / Gentle Rogue (2004) — Autor — 20 exemplares
Passion at Sea: The Malorys (2011) 13 exemplares
Man of My Dreams [and] Angel (1998) 4 exemplares
Johanna Lindsey: 9 Books (2000) 3 exemplares
Mi appartieni 2 exemplares
El Camino Del Amor (1985) 2 exemplares
El Hombre De Mis Suenos (2002) 2 exemplares
Az szerelem hatalma (2001) 1 exemplar
Cuore selvaggio 1 exemplar
Cuori in fiamme 1 exemplar
Cedi al mio amore 1 exemplar
Non sfidare il cuore (2000) 1 exemplar
Csak reád van szükségem (1999) 1 exemplar
Paradiso selvaggio 1 exemplar
Cuore di guerriero 1 exemplar
Splendida Angel 1 exemplar
Fuochi d'inverno 1 exemplar
Conflitto d'amore 1 exemplar
When Passion Rules (2012) 1 exemplar
Johanna Lindsey: 5 novels (2006) 1 exemplar
Mi Querida Tentacion (2022) 1 exemplar
Johanna Lindsey: 4 novels (1989) 1 exemplar
Dareba (2012) 1 exemplar
Szeress örökké (1997) 1 exemplar

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Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Lindsey, Helen Johanna Howard
Outros nomes
Lindsey, Johanna (married name and pseudonym)
Howard, Johanna Helen (birth name)
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Frankfurt, Germany
Local de falecimento
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Causa da morte
cancer (lung)
Locais de residência
Hawaii, USA
Maine, USA
romance novelist



Name That Book cont. Part II em Romance - from historical to contemporary (Março 20)
Historical Romance Regency England em Name that Book (Junho 2017)
Historical romance em Name that Book (Dezembro 2016)
Alien Romance Novel em Name that Book (Novembro 2016)
Sailing adventure and romance em Name that Book (Novembro 2016)


It wasn't terrible, I think I was bored? even if the abbreviated title spells tits! I kept thinking about how mail-order spouse is like the juiciest idea. Alas, it wasn't as exciting as it had the potential to be. YMMV, though!

Annnnd a white man at one point lived with and "looks like" and sometimes "acts like" an Indigenous person and then he reintegrates into "civilized" society.

I'll always love the stunning cover, though. So that's something.
s_carr | 13 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2024 |
dnf - i may attempt to read this book again. I felt the language was so stiff - like reading the King James Bible.
s_carr | 13 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2024 |
BooksInMirror | 8 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2024 |



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