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Let Me Explain You (2015) 91 exemplares
A Manner of Being: Writers on Their Mentors (2015) — Editor; Contribuidor — 12 exemplares


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3.5 stars…

Not sure how to rate/review this book. There were parts that I resonated with deeply and others that left me wondering what the author was trying to say, i.e what was the point? I do believe this was intentional on the author's part, to mimic what it is like to live with/experience multiple TBIs, but it also made it hard for my neurodiverse (ADHD) brain to keep track of and parse out. I've also had multiple TBIs, which I think further exacerbates my ADHD. Liontas briefly addresses how people with TBIs behaviors can sometimes mimic the symptoms and behaviors of neurodiverse people, but I'd be curious to know more about how TBIs impact a person with neurodiverse brain.

The chapter about the correlation of TBIs to prison time, and the research that's being done, was eye opening and well researched. I also felt it was the strongest chapter in the book. I much more appreciated this chapter and the chapters the author spent delving into the impacts that TBIs have had on historical figures and thus on history.
… (mais)
jenkies720 | Jun 7, 2024 |


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