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Little, Denise
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Silver City, New Mexico, USA
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Kensington Publishing (editor|Denise Little Presents)



This was a quick read for me for when I'm cooking or in between homework assignments. I enjoyed the anthology, for everything I questioned in the Harry Potter/magical boarding school world there was an answer in one of these stories pretty much. Some fared better then others (I thought the story "Boil and bubble" by Phaedra Wheldon could have benefited from a longer format while Jody Lynn Nye's "A Learning Experience" was perfectly suited to the shorter form), but they all entertained me.

I wouldn't mind if a few even got expanded in some way; Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "Domestic Magic" was well contained, but had little hints at the end that there could be more to the story. Debra Dixon's "Coyote Run" was fascinating in how it approached the traditional role of the witches' familiar and I wouldn't mind if she explored Izzy's life after a bit more.

If you enjoy anthologies this is a solid one. Some of the authors are well known for their anthology works and others have longer novels that their shorter stories don't tie in with and thus don't do those longer works any great justice. In the end its not a bad way to pass some in between free time when a longer novel isn't possible.
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lexilewords | 4 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |
In school I was one of the students who would ask the smart aleck questions when the teachers would talk about wanting us to be more open with our opinions. I remember one in particular in Film as Art class being along the lines of 'Its all well and good that she's grateful he saved her--but he lives in the woods, eats with his hands, sleeps in the same clothes that he fights in, doesn't wash those clothes nor bathe...how can she even stand to be near him let alone want to kiss him when he must be rank?' when talking about Robin Hood. Thanks to Jean Rabe I have my answer!

This collection is a whimsical look at what it means to be the background support for a hero. Everyone from Heracles to Robin Hood to Oberon gets a showing and the tales often surprised me with the paths they took. The Robin Hood story, Merry Maid by Jean Rabe, for instance tells the tale from Maid Marian's viewpoint and offers insight to her true feelings about the so-called 'Champion of the Poor'. The truth about King Arthur, Guinevere and their PR problems are dished by Laura Resnick in The Quin Court and the martial troubles Odysessus faced when returning home very very late to dinner are given epic verse by Pauline J. Alama in Honey I'm Home.

The range of authors is wide, some I know quite well while others were completely new to me (but didn't impress as often). The stories themselves were often amusing, occasionally sad and a few proved that not every hero is wanted (or needed) and some should stay in stories and movies. Only three stories bored me, or just fell flat for me, but a larger number I read and was amused in the moment, but promptly forgot the story as I moved on. Denise Little, who's done a number of other anthologies for DAW that I have enjoyed, did a fine job of having a diverse cast of writers, but even though the stories stayed centered around the truth behind heroes they felt disjointed otherwise.

A few of the stories probably would have been better if there was more space (Annie Reed's For a Few Lattes More was interesting, but the 'hero' character, the cowboy was underused), but for a quick read and behind the scenes look at heroes this was certainly satisfying.
… (mais)
lexilewords | 2 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |
Read some years ago - can't recall much except that a large chunk is taken up by a very striking novella by Joyce Carol Oates, "The Virgin in the Rose Bower". My main 'take' from this collection was a determination to follow up other fiction by Oates, which I have, at the time of writing, began to read.
kitsune_reader | 3 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
Stories of vengeance -- good, bad, the results thereof. Sometimes it turns out for the best, sometimes not.
bgknighton | 1 outra crítica | Jul 24, 2023 |


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