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Cixin Liu is the author of The Three Body Problem, which won Best Novel at the Hugo Awards 2015. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Henan, China
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Beijing, China
Shanxi, China
North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power
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Beijing Guomi Digital Technology

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Liu Cixin, born in June 1963, is a representative of the new generation of Chinese science fiction authors and recognized as a leading voice in Chinese science fiction. He was awarded the China Galaxy Science Fiction Award for eight consecutive years, from 1999 to 2006 and again in 2010. His representative work The Three-body Problem is the BEST STORY of 2015 Hugo Awards, the 3rd of 2015 Campbell Award finalists, and nominee of 2015 Nebulas Award.

His works have received wide acclaim on account of their powerful atmosphere and brilliant imagination. Liu Cixin's stories successfully combine the exceedingly ephemeral with hard reality, all the while focussing on revealing the essence and aesthetics of science. He has endeavoured to create a distinctly Chinese style of science fiction. Liu Cixin is a member of the China Writers' Association and the Shanxi Writers' Association.



Jeff's 2019 Reads em The Green Dragon (Abril 2021)


Having heard about this Chinese science fiction writer for several years, I decided to read his signature book, The Three Body Problem. It was a disappointment. The book had little drama. Its science fiction premise, an alien species that dehydrates its populace, restarts its civilization, and rebuilds its infrastructure after every natural disaster, is unbelievable.

Maybe I'll change my mind in the future. As of this time, however, I'm not interested in reading the sequel.
ronploude | 388 outras críticas | Feb 14, 2024 |
Well, I have to say, my main thought about this novel, or at least the one I can most easily articulate, boils down to "I should have known better than to expect he could pull it off twice." The Three-Body Problem, the first book in this series, left me shaking my head in wonder and repeatedly saying, "this just should not work, but somehow it does." Which was sort of delightful. That thing was so full of just absolutely insane, ridiculous, weirdly written stuff, but it held my attention, even fascinated me, and I happily let myself get swept along. Whereas this one... Well, it's over 500 pages long, and for the first 250 of those pages, the main thought running through my mind, over and over, was "this is stupid." This idea is stupid, this plot point is stupid, this character is stupid, OMG this romance is offensively stupid, and, and, and... Thankfully, in the second half, while that voice never exactly shut off and my suspension of disbelief for any of it never really came back, there was also just enough stuff that was sort of cool and interesting, or thought-provoking, or surprising in a good way to make me feel like it was worth reading. Well, until the weirdly abrupt and unsatisfying ending, that is. It's not even abrupt and unsatisfying because the real conclusion won't happen until the sequel, although there is still one more book in the series. It's genuinely wrapping up this whole giant insoluble problem we've just spend five hundred pages on in a few anticlimactic pages.

Rating: Man, this one is hard. For the first half, I was certain I was going to give it a 2.5/5 (solidly meh). The second half at least kept me engaged enough that I think I'll bump that up to 3/5 (which, in this case, can be translated as: deeply flawed, but interesting enough to be worthwhile). Although I do wonder if that's just the result of me liking the first book so much that I really don't want this one to rate any lower.
… (mais)
bragan | 120 outras críticas | Feb 11, 2024 |
Der Prolog ruft so einiges aus dem ersten Band, "Die drei Sonnen", in Erinnerung, der erste Teil (über 256 Seiten, ohne weitere Unterteilung) vermittelt erfolgreich über die ersten 160 das Gefühl der Ohnmacht ob der Trisolaris-Bedrohung - Ignoranz, Eskapismus, Defätismus. Erst miot der Operation "Wandschauer" kommt dann eine neue Idee ins Spiel.
ahzim | 120 outras críticas | Feb 11, 2024 |
This book and the whole Three Body Problem series, is easily one of best Science Fiction works I’ve ever read! Give this Five + stars! The story touched me on multiple levels: Scientifically, emotionally, philosophically, etc. This is the first time, I have felt the level of Wonder, I felt as a 14 year old reading Asimov’s Foundation series. If you love SF don’t miss this one.
stevetempo | 95 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |



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