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I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the FDR saga, and if you too think you know everything about FDR, I’d suggest thinking again. Author Lomazow’s FDR Unmasked offers insights on some secrecy to reveal a man battling more than just political pressures. Through hidden medical records and personal correspondence, Lomazow shows us a Roosevelt who’s not only shaping the free world but also fighting his own body. I found it very interesting to read how his health issues were hidden so he could remain the stalwart leader America needed during the Depression and WWII.

Lomazow’s writing isn't just about digging through archives, but tells a story of resilience and deception. The book makes me wonder how history might have turned out differently if FDR had been in better health. Whether you're a history buff or just love a good story about overcoming the odds, this book adds a whole new dimension to the legend of FDR. It’s definitely a page-turner that’s as educational as it is fascinating. Give it a read; it’s sure to change how you view one of America’s most studied presidents.

This approach aims to humanize the historical figure of FDR, presenting his vulnerabilities and the efforts to conceal them in a narrative that’s as gripping as it is informative.
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Seanyh | 8 outras críticas | Apr 29, 2024 |
FDR Unmasked: 73 Years of Medical Cover-ups That Rewrote History by Steven Lomazow is a piece of work that presents another face, a hidden face, of the medical life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the struggles and secrets that he and those around him had to keep about his life so that a nation could be safely protected and ruled. From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s cancer to his battle with other medical conditions such as “severe cardiovascular disease," the book offers answers for those interested in the life of FDR.

One of the aspects that I liked about this book is how the author uses an easy-to-read type of language so that the text can be easily understood and is not tiring for the reader. I also liked how the author chronologically presented the facts, adding numerous perspectives to the events so that we could see the whole picture of them. From the perspective of the person in question, of those around him, of the press, television, and, finally, the world.
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Star53986 | 8 outras críticas | Apr 9, 2024 |
Dr Lomazow's book, FDR, Unmasked, provides his readers with hidden medical evidence concerning FDR's health in an easy-to-understand narrative that doesn't require a medical degree to decipher. Using meticulous research from archives that remained hidden from the public domain, the author delivers a superb account of the debilitating complexities of FDR's condition.

FDR Unmasked reveals further conspiracy which Roosevelt used, to cover up several serious health conditions which plagued him for most of his life. It makes for compelling reading when one realises how his life hung by a thread for so long and how he must have suffered in silence through WW11 and the Great Depression. His caretakers were determined that his image remain untarnished but thanks to Dr Lomazow's remarkable research we can now appreciate this great American icon and his legacy even more.

I would highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone who has an interest in Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidency and to those who enjoy fascinating and informative historical facts.
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MerrinBoy | 8 outras críticas | Mar 4, 2024 |
I have always been fond of reading about great leaders to learn from their lives, know about the impacts of their decisions, and differentiate their facets of personality from those of a normal person. But when I picked up this book, it was amazingly unique and engaging. There was no moment of boredom or mundaneness.

The author has given us a chance to dwell on the life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from a doctor's point of view. The doctor has unmasked how a great leader who is working for the benefit of others is fighting on his health front. This is realistic and engaging for areaders to know that even great people have health constraints, but they keep going for the benefit of others. This is a unique way of showcasing the real life of a person, which is often ignored. You will get to know the hidden truths.

The most fascinating part was that you do not need to have a great knowledge of medicine to complete this read; it is written in an understandable way and will keep you entertained throughout.
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Eliseem | 8 outras críticas | Feb 29, 2024 |


½ 4.5