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Michael Lupica (born on May 11, 1952 in Oneida, New York) is an American newspaper columnist. At the age of 23, Lupica began his newspaper career covering the New York Knicks for the New York Post. In 1977, he became the youngest columnist ever at a New York newspaper when he started working for mostrar mais the New York Daily News. He has also written for numerous magazines during his career including Golf Digest, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN: The Magazine, Men's Journal and Parade. In 2003, he received the Jim Murray Award from the National Football Foundation. He has been a television anchor for ESPN's The Sports Reporters and hosted his own program The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN2. Lupica has written both fiction and non-fiction books. His novels include Dead Air; Limited Partner; Jump; Full Court Press; Red Zone; Too Far; Wild Pitch; and Bump and Run. He also writes the Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids series. He co-wrote autobiographies with Reggie Jackson and Bill Parcells and collaborated with William Goldman on Wait Till Next Year. His other non-fiction works include The Summer of '98; Mad as Hell: How Sports Got Away from the Fans and How We Get It Back; and Shooting from the Lip. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Heat (2005) 2,669 exemplares
Summer Ball (2007) 1,331 exemplares
Travel Team (2004) 1,322 exemplares
The Big Field (2008) 1,102 exemplares
Million-Dollar Throw (2009) 1,027 exemplares
Miracle on 49th Street (2006) 1,005 exemplares
The Batboy (2010) 737 exemplares
Hero (2010) 655 exemplares
Two-Minute Drill (2000) 630 exemplares
Game Changers: Book 1 (2012) 551 exemplares
The Underdogs (2011) 521 exemplares
Hot Hand (2007) 498 exemplares
Safe At Home (2008) 356 exemplares
QB 1 (2013) 316 exemplares
True Legend (2012) 311 exemplares
Fast Break (2015) 296 exemplares
Fantasy League (2014) 291 exemplares
Long Shot (2008) 280 exemplares
Game Changers #2: Play Makers (2013) 280 exemplares
The House of Wolves (2023) 260 exemplares
The Only Game (Home Team) (2015) 231 exemplares
Shoot-Out (Comeback Kids) (2010) 227 exemplares
Last Man Out (2016) 221 exemplares
The Extra Yard (Home Team) (2016) 165 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud (2018) 146 exemplares
12 Months to Live (2023) 138 exemplares
Bump and Run (2000) 131 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise (2020) 128 exemplares
Lone Stars (2017) 123 exemplares
No Slam Dunk (2018) 116 exemplares
Full Court Press (2001) 110 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw (2021) 104 exemplares
Wild Pitch (2002) 99 exemplares
Point Guard (Home Team) (2017) 98 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match (2020) 94 exemplares
The Mighty Johns (2002) 93 exemplares
Team Players (Home Team) (2018) 92 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Payback (2021) 86 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Revenge Tour (2022) 81 exemplares
The Missing Baseball (2018) 80 exemplares
Strike Zone (2019) 70 exemplares
The Best American Sports Writing 2005 (2005) — Editor — 66 exemplares
Red Zone (2003) 63 exemplares
The Half-Court Hero (2018) 62 exemplares
Too Far (2004) 56 exemplares
Dead Air (1723) 46 exemplares
Jump (1995) 39 exemplares
The Football Fiasco (2018) 35 exemplares
Batting Order (2019) 35 exemplares
Mad as Hell (1996) 32 exemplares
The Turnover (2020) 24 exemplares
Triple Threat (2020) 23 exemplares
Extra Credits (1988) 23 exemplares
Travel Team & The Big Field (2011) 21 exemplares
Defending Champ (2021) 17 exemplares
Limited Partner (1990) 16 exemplares
books 3 exemplares
Heat 12 Copy Floor Display (2006) 1 exemplar
Yankees '98 Best Ever! (1998) 1 exemplar
Broken Trust (2023) 1 exemplar
Team Player 1 exemplar
Tw-minute drill 1 exemplar

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Synopsis: 'PI Sunny Randall owes a favor. Her landlord and former client, famous novelist Melanie Joan Hall, is being threatened and blackmailed, and it is up to Sunny and her best friend Spike to ensure her protection. But as Sunny looks into the identity of Melanie Joan’s stalker, she learns that much of the author’s past is a product of her amazing imagination, and her loyalty to her old friend is challenged as she searches for the truth.

At the same time, Sunny springs into action when her aging ex-cop father, Phil, is threatened by a shady lawyer with a desire to settle an old score. Fighting crimes on two fronts, Sunny must use all of her savvy, and the help of her friends, in order to protect those she loves. And one thing is for sure with both of these cases: this time, it’s personal. ' From the author's website.… (mais)
DrLed | 1 outra crítica | Dec 29, 2023 |
Synopsis: 'PI Sunny Randall has often relied on the help of her best friend Spike in times of need. When Spike's restaurant is taken over under a predatory loan agreement, Sunny has a chance to return the favor. She begins digging into the life of the hedge fund manager who screwed Spike over — surely a guy that smarmy has a skeleton or two in his closet — and soon finds this new enemy may have the backing of even badder criminals.

At the same time, Sunny's cop contact Lee Farrell asks her to intervene with his niece, a college student who reported being the victim of a crime but seems to know more than she's telling police. As the uncooperative young woman becomes outright hostile, Sunny runs up against a wall that she's only more determined to scale.

Then, what appear to be two disparate cases are united by a common factor, and the picture becomes even more muddled. But one thing is clear: Sunny has been poking a hornet's nest from two sides, and all hell is about to break loose.' From the author's website.
… (mais)
DrLed | 3 outras críticas | Dec 29, 2023 |
Synopsis: 'When Sunny's long-time gangster associate Tony Marcus comes to her for help, Sunny is surprised—after all, she double crossed him on a recent deal, and their relationship is on shakier ground than ever. But the way Tony figures it, Sunny owes him, and Sunny's willing to consider his case if it will clear the slate.

Tony's trusted girlfriend and business partner has vanished, appears to have left in a hurry, and he has no idea why. He just wants to talk to her, he says, but first he needs Sunny to track her down. While Sunny isn't willing to trust his good intentions, the missing woman intrigues her—against all odds, she's risen to a position of power in Tony's criminal enterprise. Sunny can't help but admire her, and if this woman's in a jam, Sunny would like to help.

But when a witness is murdered hours after speaking to Sunny, it's clear there's more at stake than just Tony's love life. Someone—maybe even Tony himself—doesn't want this woman on the loose...and will go to any lengths to make sure she stays silent.' From the author's website.
… (mais)
DrLed | 4 outras críticas | Dec 29, 2023 |



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