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Sarah-Kate Lynch has written 12 books. Her titles include: Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga, Screw You Dolores, The Wedding Bees, Dolci Di Love, On Top of Everything and The House of Peine. She also writes two weekly columns for New Zealand Woman's Day. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Blessed Are the Cheesemakers (2002) 452 exemplares, 24 críticas
House of Daughters (2006) 174 exemplares, 9 críticas
The Wedding Bees: A Novel of Honey, Love, and Manners (2013) 172 exemplares, 20 críticas
By Bread Alone (2003) 165 exemplares, 5 críticas
Dolci di Love (2011) 134 exemplares, 19 críticas
Eating With The Angels (2004) 39 exemplares, 1 crítica
On Top of Everything (2008) 33 exemplares, 2 críticas
Finding Tom Connor (2000) 11 exemplares
Screw You Dolores (2014) 10 exemplares
Stuff It! A Wicked Approach to Dieting (1997) 6 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Modern Girl's Guide To Life (2002) 4 exemplares
Honingzoete dagen (2015) 1 exemplar

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New Zealand



Easy, light read. Shows the power of 1 on 1 relationships. Heartwarming and not controversial.
BGCJGrammas | 19 outras críticas | Mar 15, 2024 |
This was loads of fun, and I really enjoyed reading this. The two protagonists were pretty boring by themselves, but the cast of supporting characters - the loving and good natured housekeeper, the temperamental Lucy, the two affable old cheesemakers, even the townspeople who you see for only a scene or two - they carried the story along. I wish the story was longer, though. There were things I wanted to see resolved that never were, but all in all, a good read. A bit slow the first half but it really picked up steam once all the main characters were all together on the farm.… (mais)
wisemetis | 23 outras críticas | Jan 14, 2023 |
New from the author of House of Daughters- an irresistible confection of love, loss, and Italian sweets in the delectable tradition of Chocolat Corporate star Lily Turner abandons the boardrooms of Manhattan for the steep streets of Montevedova when she discovers her "perfect" husband, Daniel, has another family tucked away in the hills of Tuscany. Once there, her plight attracts the attention of the Secret League of Widowed Darners, an all-but-invisible army pulling strings behind the scenes to create happy endings. Soon founding members, Violetta and Luciana, are scheming to mend Lily's broken heart-and to enlist her help for their struggling pasticceria. With the lush landscape of a sumptuous Tuscan summer in the background, and the tantalizing scent of fresh-baked cantucci in the air, Dolci di Love is the joyful celebration of a modern recipe for life.Read Sarah-Kate Lynch's blogs and other content on the Penguin Community.… (mais)
DSH-M-Library | 18 outras críticas | Jan 4, 2023 |
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I was a bit hesitant about this book because I after I received it, I realized I had read another by the author and, while I liked it, did not find it very memorable. Thankfully, I got over my hesitation and read the book... and kept reading... and reading. I loved this.

The main character, Lily, drowns herself in work and probably would have continued doing so if she hadn't found the picture of her husband's secret family in Italy. So she goes over there to confront him, and in the process falls into the machinations of the Secret League of Widowed Darners -- the old women of the village who have taken it upon themselves to mend hearts instead of socks.

I got swept up in Lily's story, and her quest for understanding, and the widows' mishaps and misunderstandings. And I really wanted to taste the amorucci.
… (mais)
wisemetis | 18 outras críticas | Aug 1, 2022 |


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