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The Frank Show (2012) 44 exemplares
Waiting for Chicken Smith (2018) 38 exemplares
Lucky (2014) 31 exemplares
Standing in for Lincoln Green (2013) 14 exemplares
What's Up Mumu? (2015) 6 exemplares
Same as Me (2007) 4 exemplares
And a Good Job Too (1993) 3 exemplares
My Dog, Hen (2022) 2 exemplares

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Rex (2005) — Ilustrador — 211 exemplares
Archie and the Bear (2017) — Ilustrador — 18 exemplares
Aussie Nibble: Poor Fish (2000) — Ilustrador, algumas edições16 exemplares
The Midwife's Daughters (1997) — Ilustrador — 4 exemplares


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This story is about a child waiting for a friend,at a beach, with whom he spend previous summer vacations, but his friend is not there this year. A little sad story, that ends with the realization, that even so the friend is not there, he has someone with whom to do all the things he did with his friend, his sister. I like the illustrations, the mixture of the drawing, with what it looks as if someone scribble over it.
MolinaPatricia | 11 outras críticas | Jun 28, 2021 |
The title and cover illustration let you know what’s going on. Marshall Armstrong doesn’t seem to fit in with his new classmates. He plays differently, eats differently, and doesn’t look the same at all. Although the plot is predictable – Marshall’s classmates learn to appreciate his different interests when they all come to his house for his birthday – the story is still sweet. Usually, books about tolerance focus on children of a different race, nationality, or ability level. In this one, Marshall’s just a nerd. But the kids at his school come to understand that nerds can be the coolest kids of all.… (mais)
rhowens | 2 outras críticas | Nov 26, 2019 |
A young boy, on holiday with his family at the seashore, eagerly anticipates the arrival of Chicken Smith, his playmate from the previous year, whose father rented the cabin next door to his own. Ignoring his younger sister's repeated calls, he remembers the things he and Chicken Smith did together in the past, and imagines what they will do this summer. When he finally decides to pay attention to his sister, the magical experience which follows - he sees his first whale! - shows him that, even if Chicken Smith isn't coming, he can still have a good time...

As someone whose family often vacationed in the same area - in our case, on Lake Michigan, rather than by the ocean - Waiting for Chicken Smith brought back memories of summers past for me. I too eagerly anticipated seeing certain people again, when we got up to the lake, although in my case it was extended family. However that may be, I found the story here engaging, and appreciated the sympathy shown to the boy's perspective - his anticipation, his stubborn insistence on waiting, and eventually, his realization that he can still have a good holiday. The artwork is appealing, with a graphic style that works well with the story. This one is a little text-heavy, so I'd recommend it to older picture-book audiences, as well as to anyone looking for new children's stories about summer holidays.
… (mais)
AbigailAdams26 | 11 outras críticas | Aug 21, 2019 |
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This is a nice little book about a kid who has to learn to stop waiting for something that might never come, and appreciate what he has-- in this case, a friend who sounds cool but probably not great, and the love of his sister. Some of the illustrations are really effective, in particular the one of the lighthouse on the hill, and then the one of what the kids see from the lighthouse.
Kukalaka | 11 outras críticas | Jun 29, 2019 |


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