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The Future of Us (2011) 1,667 exemplares
Vegan Virgin Valentine (2006) 597 exemplares
Tangled (2009) 328 exemplares
Guyaholic (2007) 272 exemplares
Infinite in Between (2015) 176 exemplares
Best Friend Next Door (2015) 146 exemplares
Not If I Can Help It (2019) 87 exemplares
The Wife App (2023) 72 exemplares
Friends on Thin Ice (2006) 15 exemplares

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Book Review: The Wife App
Stars: 3 x 5
Author: Carolyn Mackler @carolynmacklerbooks
Publisher: Simon and Schuster @simonandschuster
Thank you @netgalley for this ARC

Lauren, Madeline and Sophie are three best friends who all happen to be divorced.
Lauren is the last to get divorced and while celebrating the three friends come up with the idea of the “Wife App”. This is an App where anyone can sign up to be a
“wife”. After researching and proposal’s they finally get financing and the App gets published. There App becomes successful and their customer base grows.

These three women struggle with their own live and their ”life” in the App.
Will they be able to handle everything with their sucesss and their own lives. This was such an interesting concept and the book was interesting and very unique. The book was ok and personally I thought it could be so much more.

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… (mais)
Kimberly103164 | 2 outras críticas | Jan 14, 2024 |
Recommended Ages: Gr. 4-7

Plot Summary: For the last year, since Ruby moved to Manhattan, Willa and Ruby have been best friends. So when their parents announce they have actually been dating the whole time they've been friends, you would think Willa would be excited about it. But she's not, and she has to deal with Ruby being excited about it! Willa has certain things about her that she doesn't share with anyone, like the fact that she has a sleep sock, goes to an occupational therapist twice a week, and needs checklists and sticker charts at home. She doesn't want to share all of this with Ruby. Will Willa ever open up to her best friend? Will they both get accepted to the same middle school? Will Willa ever be ok with her dad's relationship?

Setting: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Willa - 5th grader, has sensory processing disorder, vegetarian, obsessed with dogs
Benji - ~7 yo, gets carsick
Ruby Kapoor - 10 yo, "hates it when people ask her "where are you really from?"
Ruby's mom - AKA Sandyha, Indian, but "grew up in Michigan and went to law school in Connecticut"
Norie and Zoe Robbins - twins, classmates
Maureen - occupational therpist
Mom - Willa and Benji's mom, lives two+ hours away, kids go there every weekend, remarried to Bill who has shown up for the kids
Sophie - kindergartner who loves LEGOs and hates school, doesn't fit in, guidance counselor sets up a weekly time for Willa and Sophie to build LEGOs together, doesn't talk much
Joshua - Willa and Benji's babysitter for the last 3ish years, moving to law school in Chicago over the summer, knows how to handle Willa's sensory needs, gay
Avery - Willa's classmate that is always bragging and judging

Recurring Themes: friendship, divorce, blended families, two homes, happiness, sensory processing disorder, vegetarianism, dogs, LEGOs, being yourself, confidence, choices

Controversial Issues: none

Personal Thoughts: There's a decent amount packed into a short novel. Well-written and engaging, authentic, kind, understanding, warm characters. The types of adults every kid wants and should have in their life.

Genre: realistic fiction

Pacing: medium
Characters: well developed

… (mais)
pigeonlover | 3 outras críticas | Jan 10, 2024 |
fun, fast, and hard to put down...
danielskatz | 184 outras críticas | Dec 26, 2023 |
It starts off as another painful and humorous tale of teen angst, but “The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things” turns out to be more as we get to know Virginia Shreves. Virginia knows she is fat. Not heavy like her perfect mother likes to refer to her, or extra-large like her perfect older brother calls her, but fat. There is also a perfect father and perfect older sister. Perfect means thin, beautiful, and fluent in French. Virginia looks and acts nothing like the rest of her family and is positive she was switched at birth. Somewhere a large blond family has a thin brunette teen. To make matters worse, her best friend is spending the year away in Walla Walla, Washington. Then one day, an “ordeal” happens to her family and Virginia starts to realize that her family is not so perfect after all, and that she, Virginia, was too quick to doubt herself. Told in the first person, Carolyn Mackler has smart adult perceptions about teens their emotions yet writes in a voice that appeals to the younger generation.… (mais)
mimo | 95 outras críticas | Dec 18, 2023 |



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