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Mike Maden is an American author. He grew up in California's San Joaquin Valley. He has a Ph.D. in political science focused on conflict and technology in international relations. He has had a lifelong interest in history and warfare. Tom Clancy became one of his favorite authors after reading The mostrar mais Hunt for Red October. He writes in the same techno-thriller genre. His earlier books include Drone, Blue Warrior, Drone Command, Drone Threat. He writes for the Tom Clancy's jack Ryan, Jr., series. Tom Clancy's Point of Contact was published in June 2017. Tom Clancy's Line of Sight was published in June 2018. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Point of Contact (2017) 440 exemplares
Line of Sight (2018) 416 exemplares
Enemy Contact (2019) 316 exemplares
Firing Point (2020) 282 exemplares
Clive Cussler's Hellburner (2022) 212 exemplares
Fire Strike (2023) 132 exemplares
Drone (2013) 85 exemplares
Tom Clancy’s Firing Point (2021) 6 exemplares
Clive Cussler's Fire Strike (2023) 3 exemplares


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Mercenary Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon crew confront a ship carrying contraband, which leads to uncovering the Pipeline, a massive smuggling enterprise. As fans of the series know, the Oregon is a 590-foot “rust bucket" tramp steamer on the outside and a technological marvel on the inside. It can move like a speedboat and can even change colors. The plot is complicated to say the least, and I will admit that I quicky lost most interest trying to follow all the "bad guys" and "might be bad guys". The main antagonists are two businessmen.... Hakobyan and Katrakis, one is Armenian, and the other is Greek. They have known each other for more than 50 years. Their "Pipeline" is a conduit for transporting arms, munitions, and meth, making it “the envy of the criminal world.” The Armenian has a plan to achieve “wealth beyond imagination” and avenge the genocide of Armenians by the Turks at the same time. Their plan is to steal a 100-megaton bomb and set it off underwater in the Bosporus, causing a tsunami that will “drown sixteen million Turks in a flood of their own radioactive water". It will happen when the U.S. President and the Turkish president are in Istanbul. Turkey can and will, blame Russia and that will surely start a war, dragging in NATO. World War III will be in full swing, and the two crooks will become richer than who knows by rebuilding atop the rubble, I guess. Their plan diffidently has a few holes. Cabrillo and crew learn of the nuclear-tipped torpedo, and of course the clock is now ticking. Spectacular fighting scenes ensue, with ex-SEAL Cabrillo displaying tenacity and skill worthy of the best of the fictional heroes. The evildoer Hakobyan will “do business with the Devil himself if it turned a profit,” Juan Cabrillo will never do anything against America or American interests. I wondered several times where the name "Hellburner" came from since it only occurs twice near the end and doesn't seem to be reverent in any way to the storyline, but hey...it does make a good title. This story, as all the Oregan Files stories, is fast-moving, entirely implausible, but still, lots of fun.… (mais)
Carol420 | 4 outras críticas | Apr 17, 2024 |
I find that the books written in TC's name to be close to the Clancy way of writing and intriguing but somehow just aren't Clancy worthy. But I still enjoy them all the same. JR Jr. is a chip off the old man and deserves accolades! Well worth the time to read!
subguy | 8 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2024 |
The second in the Jack Ryan Jr series written by Mike Madon.
vviewlibrary | 5 outras críticas | Oct 10, 2023 |


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