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Barbara Poelle (Irene Goodman Literary)



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due streghe gemelle: una viene uccisa dai demoni, l'altra giura vendetta; percio ("logicamente") evoca un demone x farsi aiutare! altri avvenimenti senza logica e reazioni senza senso. Immancabile innamoramento (del proprio nemico, chiaro!!) perdita dell innamorato e vendita volontaria dell anima al demone dei demoni: il diavolo (con conseguente matrimonio senza amore ed esilio negli inferi)

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A Riveting Victorian Thriller!

I recently completed reading Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, and I have to admit that it's an intriguing and exciting book that had me gripped from start to finish. It's definitely an exciting and fun novel, even though I didn't quite get to the point where I could have given it a flawless 5-star review.

Stalking Jack the Ripper ♦ Kerri Maniscalco


Readers are masterfully transported to the gloomy and unsettling atmosphere of Victorian-era London by Kerri Maniscalco. It’s clear that the author done her research on the location and era from the vivid descriptions and meticulous attention to historical detail. The story is made even more suspenseful by the disturbing and depressing backdrop of the Whitechapel murders.

It’s always encouraging to witness a strong, independent female heroine like our protagonist Audrey Rose Wadsworth defy the social mores of her day. Her forensic scientific passion and unwavering commitment are admirable, and it’s easy to support her on her quest to solve the horrifying Jack the Ripper murders.

One of the book’s highlights is the relationship Audrey Rose has with her mysterious and funny colleague in crime solving, Thomas Cresswell. The plot gains depth from their teasing and developing connection, which offers both romantic and humorous components.

There are enough twists and turns in the well-paced plot to keep readers interested. But there were times when I wanted the mystery itself to be a little bit more intricate. The resolution could have been more complex and unexpected, even though the ending was rewarding.


In closing, Stalking Jack the Ripper is a captivating historical thriller including a compelling romance subplot, a strong female lead, and a gorgeously atmospheric setting. A must-read for enthusiasts of historical fiction and exciting mysteries, it just missed my perfect 5-star rating due to some predictability in the mystery. I’m excited to see where Audrey Rose and Thomas’s travels will take them in the next installment in the series!

This review was first published at The Art of Reading.
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RoXXieSiXX | 103 outras críticas | May 20, 2024 |
Kingdom of the Feared ♦ Kerri Maniscalco | Review

After reading the first two volumes of the trilogy Kingdom of the Wicked, I eagerly picked up Kerri Maniscalco’s Kingdom of the Feared. The book came with twists and turns that I didn’t expect. But unfortunately there were also disappointments, because I expected a lot more from Emilia as a strong protagonist.

Kingdom of the Feared ♦ Kerri Manscalco


In Kingdom of the Feared, some questions that came up when reading the first volumes were finally answered, even at the beginning of the book. I really liked that.
Also, the criminal case, which happened in House Greed, which initially seemed so irrelevant, wasn’t that unimportant in the end, although it could certainly have worked without it. But it created a bit of tension.

Because Vittoria, Emilia’s sister, became less and less of an enemy, but in order to continue to portray her as a villain, she had to be accused of a crime. Of course, this only reinforced the conspiracies and intrigues between the different houses of sin.

The Prince of Envy surprised me. While I didn’t really like him at the beginning of the book series, I have to say that he had a great character development behind him. That’s why I’m also looking forward to the announced spin-off series, which will appear in the course of the year (2023) and will probably deal with the remaining sinful brothers.

To be honest, what really bothered me was the relationship between Wrath and Emilia. Although Emilia made me more upset. Not only did every encounter between the two end up in sex — don’t get me wrong, I like it when things get hot and spicy — but that was just too much for me. Because sex doesn’t equal romance and love, but that’s what Emilia demands from Wrath, that his whole heart beats only for her. When I then look at all the things he has done for her so far, and she still thinks he doesn’t love her because he can’t say it out loud because of the curse that’s on him, she went through the entire story with a cold closed heart.

It was also disappointing that in Kingdom of the Feared, a book full of sins and vices, the author relied too much on the role of a moralizer for Emilia. Heck, she’s the Goddess of Fury, but all she does is spread forgiveness in the realms of hell. How the heck does this have any connection to her House of Vengeance? Or the House of Wrath she wants to join? It was all totally illogical to me. It wasn’t convincing to me either.

In the end I was satisfied enough to rate the book with 4 stars because the criminal case was interesting. Unraveling the various influences on the curse that hung over Wrath and apparently all the other Princes of Hell was intriguing.



If Maniscalco had relied a little less on sexual acts but more comfortable togetherness between Emilia and Wrath, then I would have been more understanding of her sacrifice as a goddess. But her selfishness in terms to his affection, combined with the whole plot, struck me as unbelievable. Only the breaking of the curse, the subplots and supporting characters could convince me to give Kingdom of the Feared a 4-star rating. Also, the fast pace and very fluid and detailed writing style by Kerri Maniscalco was enjoyable.

But I did miss the explanation within the plot why the book is called Kingdom of the Feared. Neither Emilia nor Vittoria could give me the feeling through their actions why they are so feared.

This review was first published at The Art of Reading.
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RoXXieSiXX | 9 outras críticas | May 20, 2024 |



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