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Stories of the Sahara (2011) 74 exemplares
Diarios de las Canarias (2017) 6 exemplares
Diaris d'enlloc (2019) 5 exemplares
Yu Ji Bu Zai Lai (2003) 3 exemplares
Dream whispering colour (1991) 2 exemplares
Berichten uit de Sahara (2019) 2 exemplares
撒哈拉的故事 (2017) 2 exemplares
Meng zhong de gan lan shu (2010) 1 exemplar


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Chen, Maoping
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Chongqing, China
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Nanjing, China
Illinois, USA
Canary Islands, Spain
Chinese Culture University, Taiwan



A Taiwanese woman traveling through the Sahara? I thought this had the makings of a fascinating travelogue. Well, not quite. Though the author did take such a trip (not alone, but with a Spanish husband) and doubtless had experiences more or less related to the stories, many are written in a too cute, comic book style in which the narrator represents herself as a kind of female Arabian Nights Sinbad cleverly outsmarting djinns and natives at every turn. I would have preferred a bit less of the author's overweening charm and more engagement with the desert and its people, through her eyes, to be sure, but on their terms.… (mais)
Cr00 | 5 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2023 |
It lacked the variety of stories that I expected. Still, it is the first book I've read about Western Sahara, and I'm interested to learn more.

> ‘Gueiga, let me ask you. Can you go around to all the neighboring women and ask what, besides my toothbrush and husband, you’re not interested in borrowing?’ She seemed to wake from a dream, hearing this. ‘What does your toothbrush look like?’ she asked immediately. ‘Get out,’ I cried in agitation. ‘Get out.’ Gueiga kept speaking as she stepped backwards. ‘I just want to look at your toothbrush. I do not want your husband. Really—’

> The crowd stepped aside as the Jeep began to go. The silhouette of the mute slave gradually disappeared into the sunset. His family members didn’t cry or scream. They held each other in a tight embrace, shrinking into the big red blanket like three stones formed in a sandstorm.
… (mais)
breic | 5 outras críticas | Aug 25, 2022 |
Sanmao, and her husband Jose live in the Spanish Sahara among the native Sahrawi people. This book is a collection of short stories outlining their lives in the desert. Since this is a collection of short stories, at times it feels disjointed and hard to follow. Some of the stories lacked context - not knowing anything about the history of the area left me a little lost at times. I also found myself wanting to know more about the Spanish Sahara and its bid for independence. Despite these criticisms, the stories were interesting, dynamic and oftentimes humorous. I admire Sanmao and Jose's courage and sense of adventure. Overall, well worth reading.… (mais)
JanaRose1 | 5 outras críticas | Oct 2, 2020 |
Love in the Barrens
Review of the Bloomsbury hardcover edition (2020) translated from the original Chinese 撒哈拉的故事 (Sahara Story) (1976)

I had never previously heard of Taiwanese writer Sanmao (March 26, 1943 – January 4, 1991) until I chanced to see a film documentary rel="nofollow" target="_top">Sanmao: The Desert Bride (Spain, 2019) via Toronto's online HotDocs Festival 2020.

Stories of the Sahara (1976) is a collection of travelogue and autobiographical memoir articles about Sanmao's life with her husband José María Quero y Ruíz during the early 1970's in the town then called by its Spanish name El Aaiún in the Western Sahara. It was Sanmao's attraction to the desert that caused her to first move to the Sahara and her then boyfriend José followed after getting a job at the local phosphate mines. The stories usually take a self-deprecatory tone with Sanmao adapting to a 'fish out of water' existence among the local Sahwari people. Throughout all of stories, the mutual love and support between José and herself is the running thread.

Sanmao's earliest writing was collected in the book 雨季不再来 (Gone with the Rainy Season) (July 1976) after the popular success of the original Chinese edition of Stories of the Sahara (May 1976). She has over 20 published works to her credit. As best as I can determine, this current translation of Stories of the Sahara is her first work to be published in English.

I enjoyed this book immensely due to its stories of an unique life in such extreme circumstances. The humour and zest of the story-telling leads me to hope that there will be further Sanmao translations yet to come.

Trivia and Links
The New York Times wrote a belated October 23, 2019 obituary of Sanmao in their Overlooked Series as Overlooked No More: Sanmao ‘Wandering Writer’ Who Found Her Voice in the Desert.… (mais)
alanteder | 5 outras críticas | Aug 31, 2020 |


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