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Author, businessman and motivational speaker Richard Marcinko joined the Navy in 1958, eventually working his way up to captain and becoming commander of two celebrated counter-terrorist units, Seal Team Six and Red Cell. He attended the Navy Post Graduate School and Auburn University. Marcinko has mostrar mais mined his military experience to write books such as Rogue Warrior, which formed the basis for the fictional Rogue Warrior series, written with John Weisman. He has also written business books such as Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior and The Rogue Warrior's Strategy for Success. (Bowker Author Biography) Richard Marcinko retired from the Navy as a full commander after more than thirty years of service. He is currently CEO of SOS TEMPS, his private security consulting firm whose clients are governments & corporations. (Publisher Provided) Richard Marcinko, Richard Marcinko enlisted in the Navy and worked his way up to the rank of captain. He was the first commanding officer and founder of the counter-terrorist units Seal Team Six and Red Cell. He is a special operations expert in areas that include counter-terrorism, intelligence and special operations. His counter-terrorist units have engaged in missions from Central America to the Middle East. The Red Cell infiltrated the impenetrable and highly secured bases, nuclear submarines and ships. Writing from his experiences, Marcinko's autobiography "Rogue Warrior" was a New York Times best seller. He has other Rogue Warrior fiction books that were co-written with John Weisman. Some of the titles include "Rogue Warrior: Option Delta" and "Rogue Warrior: Seal Force Alpha". He has also written non-fiction books on business strategy and leadership: "The Rogue Warrior's Strategy for Success" and "Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior", which was a New York Times best seller. Marcinko is also the CEO of SOS Temps Inc. a private security-consulting firm. Marcinko resides in Rogue Manor in Washington, D.C. with his wife and children. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Rogue Warrior (1992) 717 exemplares, 7 críticas
Red Cell (1994) 398 exemplares, 4 críticas
Green Team (1995) 292 exemplares, 5 críticas
Task Force Blue (1996) 258 exemplares, 1 crítica
Designation Gold (1997) 233 exemplares, 2 críticas
Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior (1995) 195 exemplares, 4 críticas
Seal Force Alpha (1998) 192 exemplares, 1 crítica
Echo Platoon (2000) 171 exemplares
Option Delta (1999) 163 exemplares, 1 crítica
Detachment Bravo (2001) 143 exemplares
The Real Team: Rogue Warrior (1999) 128 exemplares, 1 crítica
Violence of Action (2002) 104 exemplares, 1 crítica
Vengeance (2005) 93 exemplares
Holy Terror (2006) 90 exemplares
Dictator's Ransom (2008) 78 exemplares, 2 críticas

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MontanaMick | Jun 30, 2024 |
Really cool true story of a spec ops warrior. One of those dirty "man" books where the language is foul, the subject matter is dirty/explicit, and it's just a great read.
biggs1399 | 6 outras críticas | Jan 19, 2016 |
A generic man book. Not much substance, but plenty of foul language and spec-ops military violence.
biggs1399 | Jan 19, 2016 |
Standard "guy" book. Special ops warfare and extreme language.
biggs1399 | 4 outras críticas | Jan 19, 2016 |


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