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A Corner of the Universe (2002) 1,991 exemplares
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The Meanest Doll in the World (2003) 1,146 exemplares
Claudia and Mean Janine [The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel] (2008) — Creator — 1,143 exemplares
The Ghost at Dawn's House (1988) 1,074 exemplares
Rain Reign (2014) 1,002 exemplares
Kristy and the Snobs (1988) 914 exemplares
P.S. Longer Letter Later (1998) 879 exemplares
Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (1988) 829 exemplares
Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn (1988) 760 exemplares
Belle Teal (2001) 724 exemplares
Stacey's Mistake (1988) 722 exemplares
Karen's Witch (1988) 707 exemplares
Karen's Roller Skates (1988) 650 exemplares
Claudia and the Sad Good-Bye (1989) 633 exemplares
Snail Mail, No More (2000) 601 exemplares
Dawn's Wicked Stepsister (1990) 587 exemplares
Jessi and the Superbrat (1989) 569 exemplares
Mallory and the Mystery Diary (1989) 525 exemplares
Everything for a Dog (2009) 509 exemplares
Here Today (2004) 504 exemplares
Poor Mallory (1990) 489 exemplares
Baby-Sitters Island Adventure (1990) 464 exemplares
Dawn and the Older Boy (1990) 447 exemplares
Stacey's Emergency (1991) 436 exemplares
Karen's Witch: A Graphic Novel (2019) 410 exemplares
Snowbound (1991) 402 exemplares
Jessi's Wish (Baby-Sitters Club) (1991) 389 exemplares
Mallory and the Ghost Cat (1992) 381 exemplares
Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake (1992) 349 exemplares
Needle and Thread (Main Street #2) (2007) 347 exemplares
Mallory and the Dream Horse (1992) 343 exemplares
On Christmas Eve (2006) 288 exemplares
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Karen's Worst Day: A Graphic Novel (2021) 233 exemplares
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Dawn and the We Love Kids Club (1994) 214 exemplares
Mallory Pike, Number One Fan (1994) 194 exemplares
Stage Fright (An Apple Paperback) (1984) 180 exemplares
Bummer Summer (1983) 176 exemplares
Karen's Unicorn (1997) 172 exemplares
Leo the Magnificat (1996) 167 exemplares
Dawn (California Diaries, No. 1) (1997) 161 exemplares
TONKA: Building the NEW SCHOOL (1995) 159 exemplares
Maggie (California Diaries #3) (1997) 158 exemplares
Me and Katie (The Pest) (1985) 155 exemplares
Sunny (California Diaries) (1997) 154 exemplares
September Surprises (Main Street) (2008) 148 exemplares
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Inside Out (1984) 94 exemplares
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The Long Way Home (2013) 71 exemplares
Karen's Birthday: A Graphic Novel (2023) 71 exemplares
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Just a Summer Romance (1987) 56 exemplares
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Let the Games Begin (1996) 52 exemplares
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Jump Rope Rhymes (1949) 47 exemplares
Home Is the Place (2014) 47 exemplares
Secret Santa (Baby-Sitters Club) (1994) 47 exemplares
Main Street #9: Coming Apart (2010) 40 exemplares
I Like to Be Little (1974) 35 exemplares
The Doll People's Christmas (2016) 35 exemplares
It's Fun To Be Five (2000) 35 exemplares
How to Look for a Lost Dog (2012) 34 exemplares
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BSC Friends Forever Journal (1999) 1 exemplar
Main street 1 exemplar
Mary Anne 1 exemplar
The babysitter's club (1999) 1 exemplar

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The summer of 1960, Hattie is turning 12 and her parents drop a big surprise on her: she has an uncle, Adam, whose existence she never knew about because he's been away at a school for kids/young adults like him. Now that his school is closing, he's moving back in with her grandparents for the summer while they figure out what to do with him next. Though Adam seems odd and sometimes childlike, super happy one moment and angry and inconsolable the next, and repeating lines from "I Love Lucy", Hattie has a special relationship with him and they seem to understand each other in a lot of ways.

I enjoyed the first half of this more than the rest. Hattie portrays Adam with a lot of compassion and sort of understanding, but it's very hard to read how people treated Adam (even his own family). So much about how we think of "mental illness" has changed even since the book was written in 2002, let alone since the book was set. Adam's repetition of people's phrases and the "I Love Lucy" quotes read to me like autism, but it was hard to say for sure and no author's note delved into it. And of course, reading as an adult, some of Hattie's choices and narrative foreshadowing made me wince. Most of all, I was really annoyed that the big twist was Adam's suicide. I just... there are so many other ways that could've gone short of the poor sad, odd person killing himself.
… (mais)
bell7 | 127 outras críticas | Nov 30, 2023 |
Book on CD performed by Judith Ivey

This is a wonderful Newbery Honor book written for middle-school-aged children. Set in about 1960, it focuses on Hattie Owens and her family. Hattie loves the small town in which she lives with her parents in the boarding house they run. It’s an insular world but Hattie knows every corner of it, and she enjoys her friends and neighbors. Her experience, however, is far different from that of her grandparents, who also live nearby, but who are quite wealthy. And then, the summer she turns twelve, an uncle she had never heard of appears. Adam has been living “at school” (really a residential institution for the mentally disabled), but the school has closed so he has come home while his parents search for other accommodations for him. Hattie relates the events of the summer of Adam in this story.

There are some serious issues dealt with in this novel, but Martin handles them deftly, honestly and with compassion. Hattie is a bright girl, curious and resourceful, polite and obedient. She is entranced with Adam who is more like a large child than an adult man. He is effusive and enthusiastic about everything. He’s also impulsive and prone to having a meltdown when under stress.

As Hattie pieces together the truth about her uncle she comes to understand a bit about what it means to grow up and the different ways in which people react to the unexpected. She learns that it is better to “lift the corners” and peek at what is hidden rather than try to forget about what is unpleasant or uncomfortable. She learns, too, that being different does not make you a lesser person.

Judith Ivey does a marvelous job of performing the audiobook. She is a gifted actress, and I particularly liked the way she interpreted Adam’s effusive speech patterns.
… (mais)
BookConcierge | 127 outras críticas | Nov 29, 2023 |
I do not care for Galligan's drawing style (which reminds me of Archie comics) after having enjoyed Telegmeirer's interpretations for the first 4 books. I'm probably more bothered by this than I should be.
fionaanne | 6 outras críticas | Nov 16, 2023 |



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