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Curing Doctor Vincent (2015) 58 exemplares, 35 críticas
Symphony of Light and Winter (2013) 24 exemplares, 2 críticas
Impostors' Kiss (2013) 11 exemplares
Surviving Doctor Vincent (2015) 10 exemplares, 2 críticas
Between the Waters (2014) 5 exemplares
Loving Doctor Vincent (2016) 3 exemplares
Immortal Awakening (2019) 2 exemplares
Tasting Paris (2015) 1 exemplar, 1 crítica
Claire 1 exemplar
Trinity of Light 1 exemplar
Wicked Devotion 1 exemplar


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i’m a little bit conflicted -
on the one hand i really liked the elements of this story; hero with unknown sexual trauma, he can’t be intimate with anyone, so instead he dictates the sex of his partner and whoever else is his substitute; week long sexual exploration/vacation/menage adventure in paris; hot men being best buddies and helping eachother out; etc.
on the OTHER hand, all of the subplots were totally outside the realm of reality to me: serial killer father, experimental psychology cult that’s making test tube genius doctor babies?? (one of the members being his dead wife who tricked him for years!) wack to the nth degree.
i also felt like the subsequent set up for a sequel was really weak.
… (mais)
beethovensfruit | 34 outras críticas | Nov 16, 2022 |
Elaine Watkins, a public relations adviser for a medical company, is both charmed and flustered when the esteemed Dr. Xavier Vincent asks her to join him for dinner at a conference. Things heat up from there when she’s asked to join him for a week in Paris. She’s expecting it to be work and perhaps a chance to flirt. However, the good doctor has other ideas. He proposes his idea of a week of sensuous sexual pleasure to her and she’s hesitant to engage. Will it end awkwardly before it’s even begun? Of will Elaine shed some of her ideas about sexuality and join Xavier in a week of pleasure and exploration?

Let’s be upfront about the sex in this book. It was quite good and took up much of the page time. Xavier has a hangup and he’s found a workaround which involves him watching his two trusted friends, Marco and Sebastian, pleasure her. The plot takes us from one sexapade to the next. They’re inventive and most scenes help develop the characters involved, except for Sebastian. He seems to mostly just stand there and rarely talks and we learn very little about him. There’s also some near instalove happening that wasn’t necessary for me. I’m OK with characters having a simple fun week of lust.

The plot has more than carnal pleasures going on. First, there’s Elaine’s history. She is the unfortunate daughter of a serial killer, The Basement Killer. This has made it difficult to do parts of her job. After all, who wants their brand associated with a man who hunted, tortured, and killed several women. So she has trust issues since her dad managed to hide his extracurricular activities from the family for so many years.

Xavier comes with a bundle of questions. At first, it just appears he has a kinky hang up about sex but as the story develops there’s deeper questions about his dead wife, her mentor, and even his own parents. Manipulation has played a big part in Xavier, giving him plenty of guilt. Despite that, he’s driven to create a greater good for humanity. Hence, his brilliant work in cancer research.

I really enjoyed the Celtic Queen and the Rain Ceremony part. Xavier weaves this little myth around pleasuring Elaine, empowering her to express her sexuality.

All together, it’s a delicious guilty pleasure with plenty of heat and a touch of mystery. The two main characters are interesting because they have baggage. While I would have liked some of the side characters to be fleshed out a bit more, perhaps that happens later in the series. I definitely want to know more about Xavier’s past and those who manipulated him and why.

The Narration: Erin Deward and Noah Michael Levine were a great pair for this book. They really seem to have some heat between them so that worked great for the sex scenes. Deward’s voice for Elaine was perfect and she portrayed Elaine’s numerous emotions quite well. I enjoyed her French accent for some of the ladies in Paris. Levine’s voice for Xavier was quite sexy and he also did a great job with Xavier’s numerous emotions. His accent for Marco was great too. There were a few things with the audio production. The volume changed from time to time so I found myself turning it up a smidge here and down a smidge there.
… (mais)
DabOfDarkness | 34 outras críticas | Jul 31, 2017 |
Listened to this by audio and absolutely wonderful! Patiently awaiting the next in the Good Doctor installment
Max_E._Stone | 1 outra crítica | Jul 13, 2016 |
Wow! Doctor Vincent may be messed up but he is my new book boyfriend. He has Elaine come to Paris so she will be his lover but not in the conventional sense. His past interferes with his present. Elaine begins to do what he says but determines she will cure him. She also finds the truth.

I loved Xavier and Elaine. They are intense. They are hot. I loved how Elaine is submissive in some ways but will not allow him to use his past as an excuse to keep them apart.

I also liked Renea Mason's writing. I was on the edge of my seat to find out the truth and wanted them to be able to work out their problem. I cannot wait to read the rest of this trilogy.… (mais)
Sheila1957 | 34 outras críticas | Mar 17, 2016 |


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