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Angèle Masters

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Inclui os nomes: mastersangle, Angèle Masters

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A Curious Beginning (2015) — Narrador, algumas edições1,540 exemplares
Orca (1996) — Narrador, algumas edições1,174 exemplares
The Book of Night with Moon (1997) — Narrador, algumas edições1,006 exemplares
To Visit the Queen (1998) — Narrador, algumas edições684 exemplares
A Study in Silks (2013) — Narrador, algumas edições457 exemplares
Tumbleweeds (2012) — Narrador, algumas edições390 exemplares
Edge of Dark Water (2012) — Narrador, algumas edições382 exemplares
He's So Fine: A Lucky Harbor novel (2014) — Narrador, algumas edições183 exemplares
One in a Million (2014) — Narrador, algumas edições155 exemplares


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Masters, Angèle
Local de nascimento
England, UK
Locais de residência
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
voice actor

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Angèle Masters is a voiceover artist with around 100 audiobook credits to her name. She specializes in fantasy and science-fiction, and enjoys giving life to characters in a wide variety of accents and languages. In addition to audiobooks, Angèle does voice work for commercials, industrials, video games, and animation, and she will soon be heard as the voice of Synøve Pan in Transgenesis, a new science-fiction podcast from, to be released in late 2018. A native of England, she currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Angèle Masters is an actor, voiceover artist and biology student based in Atlanta. She lives in a little house with her tattoo-artist husband, her stepdaughter, two large dogs and two small cats. She also has two hives of honeybees and some chickens, but they live in the garden with the vegetables and the herbs and the line-dried laundry. She likes to bake bread and make pasta and cook other delicious things. Basically, she’s just a nerdy hippie. Or a hippie nerd. Whichever. She would like to move to Portugal. Tomorrow.


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