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Lurlene McDaniel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 5, 1944. She received a B.A. in English from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Before she started writing young adult books, she wrote a magazine column and promos and commercials at a television station. After her children mostrar mais were born, she turned to freelance advertising. When her son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 3, she attended a convention for diabetes and met up with the organizer who connected her with a publishing company specializing in children's books. Her first book was Kickaroo: The Soccer Playing Kangaroo. She soon realized that writing picture books was not what she wanted to do, so she wrote Will Never Dance Again, about a girl who is diagnosed with diabetes. Thus began her career writing stories about teenagers who overcome life altering illnesses and the lessons learned. Her other books include Somewhere Between Life and Death, Too Young to Die, Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever, Six Months to Live, and The Year of Chasing Dreams. She received a RITA Award for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and three IRA-CBC Children's Choice Awards. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Don't Die, My Love (1995) 399 exemplares
Six Months to Live (1985) 397 exemplares
Telling Christina Goodbye (2002) 318 exemplares
I Want to Live (1987) 307 exemplares
Hit and Run (2007) 287 exemplares
I'll Be Seeing You (1996) 280 exemplares
The Angels Trilogy (2002) 256 exemplares
Angels Watching Over Me (1996) 251 exemplares
So Much to Live For (1991) 247 exemplares
The Girl Death Left Behind (1999) 238 exemplares
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No Time to Cry (1993) 216 exemplares
The Time Capsule (2003) 213 exemplares
Until Angels Close My Eyes (1998) 207 exemplares
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Holly's Story (2005) 202 exemplares
Lifted Up by Angels (1997) 201 exemplares
Prey (2008) 193 exemplares
Angel of Hope (2000) 189 exemplares
A Season for Goodbye (1994) 187 exemplares
All the Days of Her Life (1994) 186 exemplares
How Do I Love Thee (2001) 186 exemplares
Breathless (2009) 185 exemplares
Raina's Story (2005) 183 exemplares
A Rose for Melinda (2002) 182 exemplares
Saving Jessica (1996) 175 exemplares
To Live Again (2001) 172 exemplares
Garden of Angels (2003) 165 exemplares
Reach for Tomorrow (1999) 162 exemplares
Too Young to Die (1989) 153 exemplares
Baby Alicia Is Dying (1993) 151 exemplares
Sixteen and Dying (1992) 151 exemplares
Till Death Do Us Part (1997) 149 exemplares
Always and Forever (2004) 149 exemplares
Somewhere Between Life and Death (1990) 146 exemplares
She Died Too Young (1994) 144 exemplares
Please Don't Die (1993) 143 exemplares
Angel of Mercy (1999) 141 exemplares
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever (1989) 141 exemplares
Someone Dies, Someone Lives (1992) 140 exemplares
A Time to Die (1992) 140 exemplares
A Horse for Mandy (1981) 139 exemplares
If I Should Die Before I Wake (1985) 138 exemplares
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (1990) 135 exemplares
Heart to Heart (2010) 134 exemplares
Letting Go of Lisa (2006) 131 exemplares
Mother, Help Me Live (1992) 127 exemplares
Mourning Song (1992) 124 exemplares
For Better, For Worse, Forever (1997) 122 exemplares
Last Dance (2006) 122 exemplares
When Happily Ever After Ends (1992) 119 exemplares
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The End of Forever (2007) 111 exemplares
Let Him Live (1993) 109 exemplares
My Secret Boyfriend (1988) 98 exemplares
Sometimes Love Isn't Enough (1984) 89 exemplares
Mother, Please Don't Die (1988) 88 exemplares
Journey of Hope: Two Novels (2004) 80 exemplares
True Love: Three Novels (2002) 70 exemplares
Why Did She Have To Die? (1986) 69 exemplares
Losing Gabriel: A Love Story (2016) 63 exemplares
The Year of Luminous Love (2013) 54 exemplares
The Year of Chasing Dreams (2014) 41 exemplares
Somebody's Baby (2017) 29 exemplares
The Girl with the Broken Heart (2018) 25 exemplares
When Dreams Shatter (1988) 18 exemplares
Hold Fast the Dream (1985) 18 exemplares
Will I Ever Dance Again? (1984) 16 exemplares
The Pony That Nobody Wanted (1982) 16 exemplares
Love's Full Circle (1986) 15 exemplares
Eternal Flame (1985) 13 exemplares
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The Secret Life of Steffie Martin (1985) 11 exemplares
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I'm a Cover Girl Now! 2 exemplares
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The Angel Thrilogy 1 exemplar
The Bubble Gum Kid 1 exemplar


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Name that book: YA fiction, romance from 1980s em Name that Book (Setembro 2015)


I read this in a day. I would have liked for there to have been more to the story, but I still liked it.

This story is told from two points of view - Kassey's and Arabeth's. Kassey is devastated when her best friend, Elowyn, dies at 16 in a car accident. Since Elowyn has checked "organ donor" on her driver's license, Arabeth, a 14 year old in need of a heart transplant, gets Elowyn's heart. There is mention of cellular memory, and Arabeth starts to display some of Elowyn's characteristics. Weird, but I thought it was handled well. Right after the surgery, Arabeth initially wants to thank the donor's family, but doesn't get to. However, she is surprised a year after the transplant to learn that they want to meet her. She meets Elowyn's parents and then Elowyn's best friend, Kassey, and Elowyn's boyfriend, Wyatt. Since Arabeth has been so sick for so long, she really hasn't had any friends, so she seems eager to meet Kassey and Wyatt - but will they see her for who she is, or will she only ever remind them of Elowyn? I thought that the way all these characters interacted after meeting each other rang true. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll stop at that. It's a really sad, yet sweet story - and a quick read. If you enjoy true-to-life stories, you may enjoy this one!… (mais)
clamagna | 5 outras críticas | Apr 4, 2024 |
BooksInMirror | 13 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2024 |
This was the first of Lurlene's recent books that I have read. It was a lot more romancy and had a more complex plot than her older books.
This one took me two weeks to read, and I am not quite sure why. Every time I picked it up, I read until I had to stop but then had no interest in picking it back up later.
I loved the plot twist! I knew there was one coming, but I did not expect it to be what it was.

Tropes: secret identity

Age: NA since characters are college-aged but with a ya writing style

Content: kissing, mentions of sending nudes and suicide and depression and sibling loss

4 Stars
… (mais)
libraryofemma | Oct 20, 2023 |



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