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Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel (2019) 5,956 exemplares
One Last Stop (2021) 2,600 exemplares
I Kissed Shara Wheeler (2022) 894 exemplares
The Pairing (2024) 23 exemplares


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My mom-of-a-gay-son heart.

My funny bone.

My over-flowing pride for author Casey McQuiston's courage to write this book.

If you have ever believed in love between two people. If you have ever felt the weight of your family, keeping you from being who you are. If you have ever felt the pressure to conform and fit in. READ THIS BOOK.

First Son of the United States, Alex, is born to a Mexican father and white mother, who happens to be the first woman president. Alex and his sister, June, are the most loveable, hair-pulling, in-each-others'-business, typical siblings. Throw in Nora, granddaughter to the VP, and you have the three hottest 20-year-olds in the country.

When the three are in London to attend Prince Phillip's marriage, Alex runs headlong into his arch-nemesis, Prince Henry. Wedding cakes are toppled, photos are leaked, drama ensues and a spicy web is woven. The tabloids pick up on things, and their tongues wag, always a step behind as Nora is seen with Princess Bea, June is hanging out with the BF of Prince Henry, and Alex and Henry, well, they are just Henry and Alex, the Prince of England and the First Son. But nothing is as it seems.

Written in relevant, youthful dialogue woven into rich, complex thoughts about society, family, and duty and steeped in deep romance (with a lot of steamy sex), Casey McQuiston puts the rights of all people front and center, and she does it beautifully. Did I mention it is wicked funny?

Red, White and Royal Blue is not a 'gay' love story. It is not a story about being gay. It is a story about two individuals who find each other, fall in love, and happen to both be men.

This may well be my absolute favorite book read in 2023. #loveislove
… (mais)
LyndaWolters1 | 236 outras críticas | Apr 3, 2024 |
One of the most adorable books I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed all of the characters, the storyline, the writing. Highly recommended, I loved it.
dinahmine | 236 outras críticas | Apr 3, 2024 |
I am so glad I finally read this novel because I loved, loved, loved it.

The premise is quite simple, although the situation of the characters is not: Alex, son of the US president, and Henry, grandson of the Queen, have had a feud for years. After they clash openly at a Royal Wedding, their respective teams decide that this situation cannot continue and they have to stage a friendship for the benefit of the press - which means that they have to see each other much more often and slowly discover that they really might be friends and so much more. However, this is not easy, given their positions and status in the world, the traditions in Henry's family and the upcoming US election in which Alex has a crucial role as the First Son, aiming to become a politician himself.

I adored all of the characters in this story, from the protagonists to their sidekicks, families and friends. Although their worlds are apart from mine, the descriptions felt authentic and the story and the emotions just seemed real to me. I rooted for these two so much and just couldn't stop reading.
There are many steamy scenes and sometimes they were a bit much, but I decided not to lower my rating because in the end this is a minor quibble as there are so many other aspects I enjoyed.
… (mais)
MissBrangwen | 236 outras críticas | Mar 29, 2024 |
really cute story! fun to read
great characters :)
loved the concept
some hilarious quotes

3rd read:
this is the only valid romance book
maggiewh | 236 outras críticas | Mar 19, 2024 |



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