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There's Always a First Time (2019) 2 exemplares
He Watched... (2019) 2 exemplares
Sharing the Subby Hubby (2019) 2 exemplares
It's His Fantasy Too (2019) 2 exemplares
Once Cucked, Twice Shy (2017) 1 exemplar
Revenge for his Cheating (2019) 1 exemplar
Drive Through Hotwife (2019) 1 exemplar
Seizing a Hotwife's Assets (2019) 1 exemplar
Cuckolds in Space! (2018) 1 exemplar
Deep in the Black (2019) 1 exemplar
Another Set of Hands (2019) 1 exemplar
Pool Side Service (2019) 1 exemplar
Cuck and Bull (2018) 1 exemplar
AirBi&Bi (2018) 1 exemplar
The Hole Thing (2018) 1 exemplar


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I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the book. The short stories were amazing and diversity was nice to read. The different points of view (variates of male and female personalities) were entertaining and a person could easily imagine these situations happening, cause this made them real.

The Heros were absolutely lovely to read (with one exception). Some were loyal and devoted to their SO's, some were cringe and miserable, some were cheeky and fun. But all of them (as I said except one) got to my heart. My personal favorite was definitely the male from the nurse-patient story, I found him the most fun to read (probably because he was actually acting and not watching).

The Heroines had their own uniqueness. (Need to say that I actually enjoyed more reading about the Hs than hs). Some of them were portrayed as perfect creatures, some were annoying, some hot. But they were all confident and that I really dug.

Amazing writing, fascinating style, and a good plot. I thought that every story had a main/lead theme or emotion. (The communication between husband and wife, the pity and the despair, the fun part of the marriage, etc.)

If you need a good short story, definitely recommend you to read this one.
… (mais)
BitchQueenHsgirl | Mar 1, 2023 |
I liked this, it was well written, and the hotwife is a super sexy total slut, but I was totally hoping for way more m/m action (and a few of the cleanup scenes Ms. Merlot does so well) from a "First Time Gay Quarantine Fantasy."
bobbimare | Apr 13, 2022 |

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