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China Miéville was born in Norwich, England on September 6, 1972. He received a B.A. in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge in 1994, and a Masters' degree with distinction and Ph.D in international relations from the London School of Economics, the latter in 2001. He has also held mostrar mais a Frank Knox fellowship at Harvard University. His first novel, King Rat, was nominated for both an International Horror Guild and a Bram Stoker award. His other works include Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council, Un Lun Dun, The City and the City, Embassytown, and Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories. He has won numerous awards for his works including three Arthur C. Clarke Awards, two British Fantasy Awards, the British Science Fiction Award, and the 2008 Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book. He also published a book on Marxism and international law called Between Equal Rights: A Marxist Theory of International Law. He teaches creative writing at Warwick University. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Perdido Street Station (2000) 9,317 exemplares
The City & The City (2009) 6,187 exemplares
The Scar (2002) 4,972 exemplares
Kraken (2010) 3,539 exemplares
Un Lun Dun (2007) 3,475 exemplares
Iron Council (2004) 3,431 exemplares
Embassytown (2011) 3,362 exemplares
King Rat (1998) 1,997 exemplares
Railsea (2012) 1,656 exemplares
Looking for Jake and Other Stories (2005) 1,481 exemplares
This Census-Taker (2016) 929 exemplares
The Last Days of New Paris (2016) 901 exemplares
Dial H Volume 1: Into You (2013) 201 exemplares
The Tain (2002) 120 exemplares
London's Overthrow (2012) 105 exemplares
Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction (2009) — Editor; Posfácio — 79 exemplares
Dial H Volume 2: Exchange (2014) 79 exemplares
The Worst Breakfast (2016) 69 exemplares
Dial H (2015) 39 exemplares
John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 22: Regeneration (2020) — Autor — 32 exemplares
The Scar, Volume 2: Leviathan (2004) 29 exemplares
The Scar, Volume 1: Die Narbe (2004) 28 exemplares
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms (2010) — Autor — 26 exemplares
Polynia (2014) 15 exemplares
Tis the Season (2011) 12 exemplares
Dial H #1 (2012) 10 exemplares
Details [short story] 10 exemplares
Dial H #11 (2013) 8 exemplares
The Apology Chapbook 8 exemplares
The Rope is the World (2010) 7 exemplares
The Book of Elsewhere: A Novel (2024) — Autor — 5 exemplares
Dial H #14 (2013) 5 exemplares
Dial H #3 (2012) 5 exemplares
Dial H #4 (2012) 5 exemplares
Familiar 5 exemplares
Dial H #2 (2012) 5 exemplares
Covehithe (2011) 5 exemplares
Arc: Volume 1 (2013) 5 exemplares
Dial H #10 (2013) 4 exemplares
Dial H #12 4 exemplares
Dial H #15 (2013) 4 exemplares
Dial H #7 (2012) 4 exemplares
Perdido tänava jaam 2. osa (2015) 3 exemplares
An End To Hunger 3 exemplares
Perdido tänava jaam 1. osa (2015) 3 exemplares
Dial H #13 (2013) 3 exemplares
Perdido tänava jaam 3. osa (2015) 3 exemplares
Dial H #0 (2012) 3 exemplares
Dial H #8 (2013) 3 exemplares
Dial H #9 (2013) 3 exemplares
Jack {short story} 3 exemplares
Highway 61 Revisited 2 exemplares
Tous les monstres (2017) 2 exemplares
The Dowager of Bees 2 exemplares
Dial H #5 (2012) 2 exemplares
Dial H #6 (2012) 2 exemplares
2007 Think GalactiCon Discussion Primer (2007) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
Dentro de tí (2013) 1 exemplar
Taker 1 exemplar
Dreadnought 1 exemplar
Keep [novelette] 1 exemplar

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The Left Hand of Darkness (1969) — Introdução, algumas edições15,741 exemplares
Utopia (1553) — Prefácio, algumas edições11,711 exemplares
The Gormenghast Trilogy (1967) — Introdução, algumas edições4,352 exemplares
The First Men in the Moon (1901) — Introdução, algumas edições2,456 exemplares
At the Mountains of Madness: The Definitive Edition (2005) — Introdução — 1,136 exemplares
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (2011) — Contribuidor; Posfácio — 811 exemplares
McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories (2004) — Contribuidor — 665 exemplares
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Things That Never Happen (2002) — Introdução, algumas edições223 exemplares
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Conjunctions: 39, The New Wave Fabulists (2002) — Contribuidor — 197 exemplares
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Year's Best Fantasy 3 (2003) — Contribuidor — 133 exemplares
Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism (2007) — Contribuidor — 127 exemplares
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 14 (2003) — Contribuidor — 117 exemplares
Hellboy: Oddest Jobs (2008) — Contribuidor — 103 exemplares
Nebula Awards Showcase 2005 (2005) — Contribuidor — 82 exemplares
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 17 (1828) — Contribuidor — 78 exemplares
Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters (2011) — Contribuidor — 68 exemplares
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Interzone 042 (1990) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares


a ler (6,183) antologia (960) Arte e cultura clássicas (478) autografado (389) Bas-Lag (249) Britânico (367) clássico (417) contos (1,034) e-livro (679) Fantasia (7,147) fantasia urbana (768) Ficção (7,282) Ficção científica (7,517) ficção científica (1,518) ficção especulativa (651) Filosofia (1,186) goodreads (327) Género (408) história (242) Inglês (273) Kindle (465) lido (996) Literatura (520) Literatura inglesa (245) Londres (396) Mistério (410) new weird (775) Não ficção (316) own (284) Política (589) por ler (712) Romance (1,052) Science Fiction/Fantasy (268) sff (712) Steampunk (1,160) terror (1,108) Utopia (339) weird (295) weird fiction (324) Ya (273)

Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Miéville, China Tom
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Locais de residência
Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Willesden, London, England, UK
Oakham, Rutland, England, UK
Oakham School, England, UK
University of Cambridge (Clare College) (BA) (social anthropology) (1994)
London School of Economics ( MA) (International Relations) (2001)
London School of Economics (PhD) (International Relations) (2001)
creative writing teacher
Socialist Workers Party (UK)
International Socialist Organisation
Socialist Alliance
Left Unity
Warwick University
Prémios e menções honrosas
Frank Knox Fellowship, Harvard
Guest of Honour, Eastercon, UK (2008)
Guest of Honor, Readercon (2006)
Mic Cheetham

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Miéville nació en Willesden, un barrio de clase trabajadora al noroeste de Londres, donde ha vivido desde la infancia. Creció junto a su madre, que era profesora, y su hermana. Sus padres se separaron justo después de su nacimiento, de manera que Miéville suele decir que nunca ha conocido a su padre realmente. A los 18 años, en 1990, se marchó a Egipto, donde permaneció un año enseñando inglés. Allí desarrolló un creciente interés por la cultura árabe y la política de Oriente Medio.



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China Mieville seems to be a burgeoning #bookstagram darling so upon seeing this in the local #oxfambooks I thought I’d give it a bash. It tells the story of a world both similar and dissimilar to our own - the main difference being that instead of seas there are instead unfathomable crisscross rail tracks that Railsea inhabitants use to navigate their world. We are told the story of Sham Yes Ap Shoorap, an orphaned medic’s assistant on a moletrain (for this rail-ridden land is complete with all manner of beasts including giant moles which people hunt and kill) whose life changes dramatically when he happens to witness a picture of an unimaginable idea to a Railsea citizen - a single rail track - and so his adventure to find out what this seeming phantasm is, ensues.

Although readable and entertaining, this did nothing to slow my belief that fantasy isn’t my bag. Rather than be impressed at the inventiveness of Mieville’s world I spent most of my time preoccupied with frustrations about how unnecessary and far-fetched everything was (including the long, strange names). Perhaps it is more one for YA/fantasy loving readers but it was all too fantastical for the sake of being fantastical for me. His attempt to turn it into a moral metaphor of a future portent at the end also didn’t sit well as it felt a little like trying to make it more than it was.
I don’t doubt that for fantasy fans this will be a book they enjoy and take my criticism with a pinch of salt because I’m not his audience. And despite all my grievances towards it I still give it 3/5 so make if that what you will, haha!
… (mais)
Dzaowan | 95 outras críticas | Feb 15, 2024 |
I go to China Miéville when I need mental healing from bad sci fi & fantasy. He's a Pulitzer level writer that chose to write weird stuff. Miéville only writes books that restructure my perception of literature or society. Everything starts from ground zero, as if no rules were created to define genre.

This less famous book equals any of his others in world building and has one of the best endings, a punchline 500 pages to set up.

I have to wonder if this Moby Dick inspired tale also contains an epic meta pun of his name sounding like Melville.… (mais)
lneukirch | 95 outras críticas | Feb 4, 2024 |
I get that this is supposed to be weird. I get (some of) what the Surrealists were trying to do and the context in which they were thinking. I even kinda get the origins of this novella after reading the explanation after finishing it. It still didn't really capture me. Sure, it's fun and weird to think about this alternate history, but I couldn't really let myself float into it and allow subconscious reaction. I even tried when I couldn't relax into it, which didn't exactly help. Instead, the constant name-dropping and switches in timeline forced a constant running critic, attempting to keep track and think about whether I should have known about someone. Ultimately, an interesting piece, but only okay.… (mais)
Zedseayou | 40 outras críticas | Jan 30, 2024 |
Had some high hopes, but in the end steampunk animalmonster fantasy isn't my thing. The story gets off to a slow start, and heats up more grippingly in the latter half. If cactus people, pig-men and giant monkey-moths are your thing, mixed with technomedievalisms ('chymical', 'elyctric', 'thaumaturgic') then you'll enjoy it.
breathslow | 314 outras críticas | Jan 27, 2024 |


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