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Good message, contrived interactions, over use of thesaurus

The message is powerful and strikes a chord with me. The vehicle to present the message (conversations with Ryan) often came across contrived, and there seemed to be much too great a reliance on the thesaurus to use "big words" for no good reason.
knersus | 7 outras críticas | Jan 23, 2024 |
Some good ideas, and a more sensible approach to minimalism than some. One still has to be a bit well-off to be able to afford to go out and buy those ~$20 items that one keeps just in case, and to have access to shops when you need these things. Similarly, if you have limited access to laundry facilities or other basics your stuff-needs may be quite a bit less minimal than what these guys can manage. Still, the basic ideas seem sound enough.
JBarringer | 2 outras críticas | Dec 15, 2023 |
I liked the topic, Minimalism, as I'm in a phase of life where I am getting more time to think about my consumption pattern. I like the spirit in which this book has been written but not its form or its substance.

The gist of the book is "eliminate life’s excess and focus on the essentials" and essentials being health, relationships, passion, growth and giving back to the society.

It might sound like nitpicking but I was appalled to see about a minimalism book giving a shout out to a particular brand blender that needs to be used, if you have to focus on your health by drinking juices. I know it sounds odd. Let me stop my nitpicking here.

Its not a bad book but could have been better. If you are not a nitpicker like me or if you can overlook these flaws, it might connect with you.

Thoreau's Walden should have been my first place, if I had to learn about consumption and life, in general. But after reading this book, I'm all fired up to read Walden.
… (mais)
Santhosh_Guru | 2 outras críticas | Oct 19, 2023 |
I am truly in awe by the simple things that we can replace in life that can leave us feeling not only lighter but happier! This book was very well written (in not a judgy way) and helpful in many ways! The material things that we think will bring us happiness or not Important and this book proves that.

I have personally used some of the tools that are found throughout this book to free up not only financial stress, but I have also been able to spend much more time with loved ones.

Hearing someone else's story can be very motivating and encouraging. This both provided both for me. What would you do with extra time instead of working overtime to meet life's demands that you have set for yourself? Who wants to spend more time with family? do we really need to add extra pressure to our lives by trying to meet the standards that others have made us think to bring happiness?

Read this book and use it as a guide to simplifying your life & unwanted stressors!
… (mais)
Stinasfavbooks | 11 outras críticas | Aug 13, 2023 |

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