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Sam J. Miller is an American author, based in New York. He writes novels and short stories in science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Before becoming a writer, he worked as a butcher, guitarist in a punk rock band, and a painter's model. He was co-editor of the anthology, Horror After 9/11. mostrar mais His other work includes Blackfish City, and The Art of Starving, which won the 2017 Nebula Awards, Andre Norton Award for young adult science-fiction and fantasy. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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I received an early copy of this book from Net Galley, this has not influenced my review.

This book was the best possible version of a short story collection and really shows off the strengths of the genre. If a six star option existed, I would give this book all of them without a moment’s hesitation.
Like a really great box of chocolates, each story in this collection was fantastic, distinct, and memorable, no coconut clusters or teeth-shattering slabs of caramel in here! (Sorry if those are your favorites). I could have easily read whole books based on each individual tale.

The stories were enormously diverse and each affected me a different way, but each left their mark and each was a joy to read. This author blends horror, fantasy, mystery, and magic seemingly effortlessly, the way professional athletes or dancers are able to do incredible things that just seem like showing off until you remember the years of work that went into reaching that level.
The author’s range is astounding. From a story where King Kong really walked the earth and died at the foot of the Empire State Building to a retelling of the night of the Stonewall Riot, where oppressed, queer, New Yorkers discover a potent and deadly form of group pyrokenesis, I found myself completely immersed in each new tale from the beginning.

This author is one I’ve heard about for a while but have never read until now. After this truly stunning book I plan on reading his other works and keeping a careful eye on his upcoming projects.
… (mais)
Autolycus21 | 2 outras críticas | Oct 10, 2023 |
"Boys, Beasts & Men" caught me by surprise, turning out to be a set of more literary and satisfying stories than I'd expected from the descriptions. While there are homosexual characters and themes in most of the stories and it's certainly fair to call this collection 'Queer Fiction,' it would be totally facile and reductionist to leave it at that; Miller has a very aware and painterly voice, crafting captivating tales of alienation, loneliness, and hidden natures, of being the voice of That Which Is Other, those Outside-Looking-In. Really, his stories -- while more masculine in tone and gay at heart -- hit like classic Joni Mitchell songs in terms of the images and impulses voiced. In the acknowledgements, Miller cites Ray Bradbury as a major, early influence on his writing and that is evident; the light and dark creatures of human nature breathe within everyone and the stories are the fora in which they play out their parts, with swaths of the fantastical woven through the mundane and everyday. He also threads a unifying, interstitial story through "B,B&M" very reminiscent of that around Bradbury's own certain man of many tattoos.....

All of these stories affected me on an emotional level, if not all the same flavor of emotion, but that alone alerts me that this was not just an ordinary read. "Conspicuous Plumage" and "Ghosts of Home" had the strongest immediate impact, partly wistful and partly grief, but the two-sided coin that is the pair "Calved" and "When Your Child Strays From God" lit up my empathy boards; as a dad, it's tough to read those two. I not only recommend this collection to anyone with an interest in urban-SFF, light horror, or human psychology itself, but think that any of these stories would work brilliantly as discussion fodder for bringing xenophobes around to empathetic awareness of others.

And Miller is right about one other thing: you can make just about any story better by adding a dinosaur.
… (mais)
MLShaw | 2 outras críticas | Aug 13, 2023 |
2.5 stars. Good ideas mixed up with too much preaching mixed up by a POV switch every 2 pages (literally, the book jumps POV like 125 or 150 or maybe more times, sometimes after only a page) mixed up with not-at-all-scifi-actually-just-techno-fantasy. It's like... the Johnny Mnemonic (movie) crossed with His Dark Materials crossed with... some environmental fiction.

So potentially good, but this book failed for me in many ways. The city is interesting, but the world behind it is annoyingly unconvincing in all the wrong spots. I suspect the author doesn't have a lot of familiarity with science, tech, or e.g. real climate model predictions. These characters all come together... magically. In all seriousness, it might have worked better if they just had a "destiny" to fulfill, a prophecy was foretold, etc.… (mais)
dcunning11235 | 25 outras críticas | Aug 12, 2023 |
This book was given to me as a gift, so I read it until the end, but I can't tell you how many times I wanted to put it away. It is very confusing, yes, but it is also graphic and it hits really close to home with its take on community vigilantism and acts of terrorism which we see so much of in the news today. I found all the characters were hateful, spiteful and loathsome. I did not like any of them, and the main character is probably the worst of the lot. Ronan has a lot of anxiety that he left behind him in Hudson, NY, and a lot of unresolved issues leftover from the early death of his mother, and the bullying that he received in school. Ronan is openly gay, which the students in the school had no tolerance for. He is called back to the nightmare of his childhood to look after his ailing father, but all his demons were still there waiting for him. Ronan's hate and unresolved issues actually ignite the town to violence and destruction. The "old" Hudson is no longer there. Instead it is an up and coming town that is becoming the playground for the rich and famous and all the older citizens have been displaced. Interspersed throughout the book are supernatural occurrences which don't appear to make any sense to anyone, including Ronan. After reading about the violence and hatred in the community for the first 50 pages, I soon grew tired of it and stopped trying to make sense of it. I finished the book only because it was a gift, but I certainly cannot recommend it.… (mais)
Romonko | 5 outras críticas | Jul 18, 2023 |



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