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The Remaining (2012) 329 exemplares
The Remaining: Aftermath (2012) 186 exemplares
The Remaining: Refugees (1720) 161 exemplares
The Remaining: Fractured (2013) 145 exemplares
The Remaining: Allegiance (2015) 83 exemplares
The Remaining: Extinction (2015) 65 exemplares
Wolves (2016) 29 exemplares
The Remaining: Trust: A Novella (2014) 22 exemplares
Harden (2018) 20 exemplares
The Remaining: Faith: A Novella (2014) 20 exemplares
Breaking Gods (2019) 18 exemplares
Johnny (2018) 18 exemplares
The Purge of District 89 (2017) 16 exemplares
Southlands (2019) 14 exemplares
Primal (2019) 12 exemplares
A Harvest of Ash and Blood (2023) 12 exemplares
Defiant (2020) 9 exemplares
Rocky River Bridge (2017) 7 exemplares
Unbowed (2021) 7 exemplares
Rogue Cell (2017) 6 exemplares
Renegades (2017) 6 exemplares
The Santas (2020) 6 exemplares
The Nine (2020) 5 exemplares
A Harvest of Ash and Blood (2023) 1 exemplar


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Molles, D.J.



This is the first book by author, D.J. Molles that I've read and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was engaged from the very beginning until the end.

90% of the world's population was eliminated by the virus and those remaining tried hard to survive. In California, a certain valley is owned by a cattle rancher who is trying to get squatters to leave his property. He has dammed the river so their small settlements are unable to grow food. Yet, still they remain.

Someone else in the valley is creating hybrids of those creatures affected by the virus and using them to kill the squatters. Redoubt is the next settlement to be attacked.

This is when Lee Hardin and his band of merry men arrive. Readers don't learn until later in the story that he works for the surviving government and tries to create a peace treaty between settlements. When the owners refuse, Lee solicits the help of the squatters to fight the monsters and trains them.

Things don't go as planned. Lee is captured and tortured and on the verge of death. However, something changes at that point that will change all their lives. There are twists and turns and secrets uncovered. Many will die. Will there be any survivors? This book is part of a new series, but great as a stand-alone. Highly recommended for those sci-fy action and adventure folks.
… (mais)
JPodlaski | Nov 18, 2023 |
The book was "okay". It was entertaining enough for me to want to finish, but I don't know that I'm itching to read the next book in the series, despite the fact that it ends in a cliffhanger. I'll keep this series in the back of my mind if I need a handful of quick reads for a plane ride or something.
mattrwalker | 15 outras críticas | Apr 17, 2023 |
CW: zombie gore, people are victims of physical and sexual abuse/assault from other humans.
Mrs_Tapsell_Bookzone | 15 outras críticas | Feb 14, 2023 |
Better than a 3, but not quite a 4. This book went back and forth for me on interest level. It got bogged down at times, but moved very quickly at others. I think my expectations were too high when I started the book. I did like the story and the characters, but it just never fully engaged me.
OgreZed | 2 outras críticas | Sep 14, 2020 |

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