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Cereus Blooms at Night (1996) 543 exemplares
He Drown She in the Sea: A Novel (2005) 91 exemplares
Valmiki's Daughter (2008) 90 exemplares
Polar Vortex (2019) 73 exemplares
The Predicament of Or (2001) 18 exemplares
Cane Fire (2022) 4 exemplares

Associated Works

Story-Wallah: Short Fiction from South Asian Writers (2004) — Contribuidor — 100 exemplares
The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories (1999) — Contribuidor — 95 exemplares
The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction (1999) — Contribuidor — 77 exemplares
Trinidad Noir (2008) — Contribuidor — 58 exemplares
Trinidad Noir: The Classics (2017) — Contribuidor — 37 exemplares
No Margins: Canadian Fiction in Lesbian (2006) — Contribuidor — 31 exemplares
Circa 2000: Lesbian Fiction at the Millennium (2000) — Contribuidor — 28 exemplares


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Dublin, Ireland
Locais de residência
University of Western Ontario
multimedia visual artist
University of Toronto
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Writers' Trust Engel Findley Award (2022)



This was tense and claustrophobic - and I couldn't put it down.
mmcrawford | 13 outras críticas | Dec 5, 2023 |
This is the story of Mala, who we meet as she is being placed in a senior's home by the court. She may have committed a crime, but the court can't be sure even if a crime took place. Mala is being cared for by Tyler, a male nurse. In this book, gender is fluid -- at times, happily and at times bringing dire consequences. Mala's story is tragic and the novel grows darker as we become more aware of her home situation. The plot is very well executed....bringing us to ever deeper levels of understanding of the strongly drawn characters. And the writing! Reading this book was a sensory experience. I could smell the flowers and hear the music from the gramophone. Really good.… (mais)
LynnB | 10 outras críticas | May 29, 2023 |
Priya and her wife, Alex, have moved from Toronto to the countryside. At the same time, Priya shuts down all her social media accounts because she is trying to avoid all contact with her long-time friend, a straight man named Prakash. The blurb on the back cover makes this story sound like a thriller, but it is a psychological examination of friendships and love set in a context of homosexuality and immigrants of colour. The novel also explores memory and forgetting.

After six years, Prakash re-establishes contact with Priya, and she invites him to visit her and Alex. He jumps at the chance. Alex is not happy that she hasn't been consulted about having an overnight guest. There is a good build up of tension between the two of them, and within Priya's mind about her upcoming reunion.

I enjoyed the first part of the novel, told from Priya's perspective best. We learn her story and a lot about her relationship with Prakash, which is deep, loving, but fraught with tension. In the second part, Prakash arrives for his much anticipated and dreaded visit. I enjoyed this part less because it was more of the same....wondering and worrying...rather than resolving or escalating things. I guess life's like that.

The writing is very good. I might read more by this author.
… (mais)
LynnB | 13 outras críticas | Nov 30, 2022 |
Esta crítica foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Críticos do LibraryThing.
I've been trying to read this for over three months. I pick it up and read a bit and set it aside. I'm half-way through it.

It's a first person narrative by a woman in a same sex living relationship. She is musing about the expected visit by a male friend. Is he more than a friend? Perhaps a former lover? She teases us with the exact nature of that relationship. Frankly she goes on with this inner monologue too much and I keep losing interest in both her current and former relationships.

Sometimes it's best to walk away from a relationship and that's just what I'm doing. I'm not investing any more time in this.
… (mais)
seeword | 13 outras críticas | Jan 28, 2021 |



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