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Obras por John Morris

Londinium: London in the Roman Empire (1982) 112 exemplares, 2 críticas
Domesday Book: Kent (0011) 17 exemplares
Domesday Book: Berkshire (1979) — General Editor — 16 exemplares
Domesday Book: Sussex (1976) — Editor — 15 exemplares
Domesday book. 3, Surrey (1975) 12 exemplares
Domesday Book: Oxfordshire (1978) — Editor — 12 exemplares
Domesday Book: Herefordshire (1983) 11 exemplares
Domesday Book: Dorset (1983) 11 exemplares
Domesday Book: Rutland (1980) — Editor — 10 exemplares, 1 crítica
Domesday book : Boldon Book : Northumberland and Durham (1982) — General editor — 10 exemplares
Domesday Book: Worcestershire (1982) — Editor — 10 exemplares, 1 crítica
Domesday Book: Huntingdonshire (1975) — Editor — 10 exemplares
Domesday Book: Hampshire (1982) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Staffordshire (1976) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Somerset (1980) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Middlesex (1975) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Hertfordshire (1976) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Buckinghamshire (1978) 9 exemplares
Domesday Book: Cornwall (1979) — General Editor — 8 exemplares
Domesday Book: Derbyshire (1978) 8 exemplares
Domesday Book: Northamptonshire (1979) 7 exemplares
Domesday Book: Devon (1985) — General Editor — 7 exemplares
Domesday Book: Suffolk (v.1 & v.2) (1985) — Editor — 6 exemplares
Managing the Library Fire Risk (1975) 6 exemplares
Domesday Book: Norfolk (v.1 & v.2) (1984) — General Editor — 6 exemplares
Domesday Book: Nottinghamshire (1977) 5 exemplares
Domesday Book: Suffolk (v.2) (1975) — Editor — 5 exemplares
Domesday Book: Gloucestershire (1982) 4 exemplares
Domesday book (1983) 4 exemplares
Domesday Book: Bedfordshire (1977) 3 exemplares
Domesday Book, Norfolk, Part 1 (1984) 2 exemplares
Domesday Book: Suffolk (v.1) — Editor — 2 exemplares

Associated Works

History of the Britons (Historia Brittonum) (0830) — Editor, algumas edições; Tradutor, algumas edições183 exemplares, 1 crítica
Domesday Book: Cheshire (1978) — General editor — 13 exemplares
Domesday Book: Warwickshire (1976) — Editor, algumas edições6 exemplares
Domesday Book : Volume 37, Index of Persons (1992) — General Editor — 6 exemplares, 1 crítica
Domesday book. 36, Index of places (1992) — General Editor — 4 exemplares, 1 crítica


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Interesante obra sobre cómo eran las islas británicas en la época en que las leyendas sitúan al rey Arturo. Efectos de la retirada de las islas británicas por parte de los romanos, qué supone la era artúrica para la formación posterior de Gran Bretaña, panorama social, político, religioso, cultural... y qué hay de verdad en las leyendas artúricas.
Eucalafio | 5 outras críticas | Nov 14, 2020 |
yarrafaye | Apr 24, 2020 |
For most historians, the greatest single limitation to understanding the past is the availability of source material. Ultimately, our ability to decipher what came before is limited by the records at hand, a factor which can constrain even the best historian. This is particularly evident in John Morris' history of Roman London. A longtime historian of the Roman Empire and its aftermath in Britain, Morris draws upon the range of available archaeological and historical evidence to describe the first centuries of London's existence. With chapters on the development of the town, its governance, and the everyday habits of its inhabitants, he provides a good examination of life in Londinium and the role the city played in Rome's rule over Britain.

Yet Morris' command of the material cannot mask its thinness. Most of the first part of the book is devoted to providing a history of pre-Roman and Roman Britain, which, while useful, often loses relevancy and can feel a little like padding. Moreover, the absence of detailed evidence often forces Morris to resort to supposition, or inference from other Roman cities. This does not make it a bad book, but the age of the text (originally written in the early 1970s and revised after Morris' death) does beg for updating as new archaeological and historical evidence emerges which allows us to improve and refine our understanding of London's earliest inhabitants. Until then, we have Morris' fine, if dated study.
… (mais)
MacDad | 1 outra crítica | Mar 27, 2020 |
In depth look at the history behind the myth of Arthur, though mostly focusing on the 'age' of the mythical king, and not the origins of the myth itself. The book is dry in parts, but well worth reading if you're interested in penetrating the mists of Britain's history.
Steve.Bivans | 5 outras críticas | Jul 20, 2014 |


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Sean Anders Screenwriter
Josh Heald Screenwriter
Steve Faber Screenwriter
Bob Fisher Screenwriter
Brian Burns Screenwriter
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Alison Hawkins Translator, Successor to John Morris (d. 1977) as General Co-Editor
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John Dodgson Successor to John Morris (d. 1977) as General Co-Editor
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