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Marissa Moss began as an illustrator of children's books. She is the author and illustrator of the Amelia series. She has written and illustrated more than 20 children's books including Amelia's Notebook, which was named a 1997 American Booksellers Association Pick of the Lists book. Her other mostrar mais books include Regina's Big Mistake and Knick Knack Paddywack. My Notebook (with Help from Amelia) also won the 2000 Parent Council Outstanding Award Informational and Oh Boy, Amelia! won the 2001 Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award and the 2002 Children's Choice Award. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Amelia's Notebook (1995) 758 exemplares
Amelia Writes Again (1996) 525 exemplares
Amelia Hits the Road (1997) 509 exemplares
Amelia Takes Command (1998) 248 exemplares
The All-New Amelia (1999) 241 exemplares
Amelia's Family Ties (2000) 212 exemplares
Barbed Wire Baseball (1800) 202 exemplares
The Pharaoh's Secret (2009) 195 exemplares
Luv, Amelia Luv, Nadia (1999) 163 exemplares
Amelia Works it Out (2000) 148 exemplares
Amelia's 5th-Grade Notebook (2003) 138 exemplares
Amelia's School Survival Guide (2002) 129 exemplares
Galen: My Life in Imperial Rome (2002) 111 exemplares
Amelia's 6th-Grade Notebook (2005) 111 exemplares
Madame Amelia Tells All (2001) 108 exemplares
The Bravest Woman in America (2011) 98 exemplares
Oh Boy, Amelia (1702) 93 exemplares
Amelia Lends a Hand (2002) 83 exemplares
Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris (2012) 69 exemplares
The Ugly Menorah (1996) 68 exemplares
Max's Logbook (2003) 67 exemplares
Mel's Diner (1828) 66 exemplares
Amelia's 7th-Grade Notebook (2007) 57 exemplares
True Heart (1999) 53 exemplares
Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective (2017) 39 exemplares
Vote 4 Amelia (2007) 37 exemplares
Amelia's Guide to Babysitting (2008) 36 exemplares
In America (1994) 35 exemplares
Amelia's Science Fair Disaster (2007) 32 exemplares
Amelia's BFF (2011) 30 exemplares
Mira's Diary: Home Sweet Rome (2013) 22 exemplares
Boardwalk Babies (2021) 20 exemplares
Caravaggio: Painter on the Run (2016) 19 exemplares
Mira's Diary: Bombs Over London (2014) 17 exemplares
Amelia's Boy Survival Guide (2012) 15 exemplares
But Not Kate (1805) 10 exemplares
KNICK KNACK PADDYWACK CL (1992) 10 exemplares
Want to Play? (1990) 8 exemplares
Who Was It? (1989) 6 exemplares
Talia's Codebook for Mathletes (2023) 6 exemplares
Talia's Codebook for Mathletes (2023) 3 exemplares

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G Is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book (1998) — Ilustrador — 573 exemplares


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Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA
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Berkeley, California, USA



Gr 4 Up—Lise Meitner, a Jewish physicist working in Germany as Hitler rose to power, made some of the most
celebrated discoveries in the 20th century, including nuclear fission, and yet never received the recognition she
deserved. With captivating writing and interstitial comics-like illustrations, Moss's biography of this groundbreaking
woman is spectacular.
BackstoryBooks | 4 outras críticas | Apr 1, 2024 |
In this book, is about Kenichi "Zeni" Zenimura, a Japanese-American who was one of the hundreds of thousands placed in an internment camp during WWII. This story follows his love and dedication to the game of baseball which he brought to the internment camp to bring joy in such a hard time. This book could be great for 2rd-3th grade. I would use this in my class to share about finding the good in hard situations, and how when you are determined, you can do so much. You could also form a lesson around how what someone does might affect others.… (mais)
haraki21 | 11 outras críticas | Feb 26, 2024 |
This is a Biographical picture book about the story of Kenichi Zenimura, a Japanese-American baseball player, who helped the sport of baseball and through so much adversity, created a way to be able to do what he loved, even when he was put in an internment camp. I think this book would be good to use for secondary students, even though it is a picture book, to introduce them to different perspectives of WWII, as well as a story of overcoming obstacles that may be in your way.
Jsherman20 | 11 outras críticas | Feb 14, 2024 |
After I was about halfway through this I chuckled every time the author mentioned that chemist Otto Hahn didn't really understand physics and needed Lise Meitner to interpret results for him. It gets mentioned over and over again. Like, we get it!

It's widely accepted now that Hahn took too much credit for the discovery of nuclear fission (among other achievements) and that he allowed Meitner's contributions to go unacknowledged. Boo Hahn! Yay Meitner!
LibrarianDest | 4 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |



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