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Sarah Moss is a lecturer in English at the University of Kent.

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Ghost Wall (2018) 968 exemplares
Summerwater (2020) 474 exemplares
Cold Earth (2009) 295 exemplares
The Tidal Zone (2016) 285 exemplares
Night Waking (2011) 274 exemplares
The Fell (2021) 250 exemplares
Bodies of Light (2014) 199 exemplares
Signs for Lost Children (2015) 144 exemplares
Chocolate: A Global History (2009) 57 exemplares
Probabilistic Knowledge (2018) 13 exemplares
Homeless Bodies 1 exemplar

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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
Locais de residência
Warwickshire, England, UK
Dublin, Ireland
Associate Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Warwick
senior lecturer at the University of Kent from 2004 – 2009
Senior Lecturer in Literature and Place at Exeter University’s Cornwall Campus
University of Exeter
University of Reykjavik
University of Kent
University of Warwick

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Sarah Moss was educated at Oxford University and is currently an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. She is the author of two novels; Cold Earth (Granta 2010), and Night Waking (Granta 2012), which was selected for the Fiction Uncovered Award in 2011, and the co-author of Chocolate: A Global History. She spent 2009-10 as a visiting lecturer at the University of Reykjavik, and wrote an account of her time there in Names for the Sea: Strangers in Iceland (Granta 2012).



Loose story told from multiple viewpoints of people living in holiday cottages around a loch. Moss really depicts the people very well (although a couple of times I did have to remind myself who was who, especially whose child was whose). No spoilers, but I wasn't so enamored by the ending, but can see others disagreeing, so I'm not down on it.
thisisstephenbetts | 37 outras críticas | Nov 25, 2023 |
4 stars because of the beautiful narration of the audio version. I don't imagine I would have liked as much just reading it, but hearing the monologues in the lovely accent was captivating. I couldn't stop listening. There isn't much of a plot and I loved it.
jcoleman3307 | 37 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
As compelling as Summerwater, maybe a perfection of this sparse circular form. I haven't read her earlier work but I'm interested now. Actually a very good way to show the intense dread and persistent mundanity of lockdown.
Kiramke | 23 outras críticas | Nov 21, 2023 |
What a tour de force!
Summer-water describes a summer holiday in Scotland, spent in tiny damp cottages overfilled with damp families. Depressed mothers, absent fathers, grumpy teenagers, crying babies, and a malevolent girl all cower in their cottages in the rain, the everlasting rain.
We’ve all had holidays like this, where the plan seems sound until you get somewhere and it is all quite gruesome and wet and everyone hates each other and wishes for a return to comfortable beds and modern conveniences, not least the poor mothers who somehow end up doing all the cooking and cleaning anyway. I still regret not helping my mother more on our camping “holidays”.
Sarah Moss manages to enclose the reader in holiday claustrophobia in such a poetic way that you don’t really notice that you are feeling a distinct unease, a sense of foreboding, a wish for something to break, somehow, because you know something bad is going to happen.
Fantastic. It’s a short book, which is probably good because near the end the tension is almost unbearable. Moss gets the inner monologues of her characters perfectly, from the teenagers contemplating the bleakness of their future existence to the wife trying to remain interested in a mutual orgasm project. I found myself nodding in agreement with all the characters’ life stages.
Mind you, it is a sticky novella- I imagine the images will stay in my mind like the streams of mud all of the characters have to plunge through. Not to be read on a rainy vacation.
… (mais)
Dabble58 | 37 outras críticas | Nov 11, 2023 |



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