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Mulisch's name will go down in history as the writer par excellence of modern myths, and possibly not only in Dutch literary history. Every one of his great novels such as Het Stenen Bruidsbed (The Stone Bridal Bed) (1959), Hoogste Tijd (High Time) (1985), and De Aanslag (The Assault) (1982) is mostrar mais technically based on, or evokes reminiscences of, existing classical myths; at the same time, each work is thematically related to the author's own time and experiences, usually World War II. Every one of the more important characters, excluding the main characters who normally serve as narrators or reporters, is an embodiment or personification of an archetype. In The Assault the various characters not only play completely different roles in the killing of a German officer by members of the Dutch Resistance movement, but they also represent distinct types. The action is also much more than an incident. The protagonist, Anton Steenwijk, spends a lifetime trying to solve the puzzle consisting of the various causes and effects relative to the fatal act. He does this not as a detective but as a normal, thinking human being who is interested in knowing where he came from and where he is headed. The puzzle that presents itself to him is as complex, yet as logical, as the waves created by a passing ship, reverberating indefinitely, even when the ship has disappeared from sight. Mulisch is, with Wolkers, Hermans, and Vestdijk, one of the most talented novelists of his generation, but he may be expected to outlive all three others because of the classical nature of his work, classical here meaning "of primary significance for all people of all times." (Bowker Author Biography) Harry Mulisch is the author of such internationally bestselling novels as "The Assault", which was made into the film that won the 1987 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, & "The Discovery of Heaven". He has also published short stories, essays, poetry, plays, & philosophical works. He lives in Amsterdam. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por Harry Mulisch

The Discovery of Heaven (1992) 3,070 exemplares
The Assault (1982) 2,193 exemplares
Two Women (1975) 793 exemplares
Siegfried (2001) 750 exemplares
The Procedure (1998) 579 exemplares
The Stone Bridal Bed (1959) 467 exemplares
Last Call (1985) 239 exemplares
Archibald Strohalm (1952) 187 exemplares
De elementen (1988) 159 exemplares
Voer voor psychologen (1961) 153 exemplares
The pupil (1987) 140 exemplares
Het zwarte licht (1956) 130 exemplares
De versierde mens (1957) 90 exemplares
Bericht aan de rattenkoning (1966) 80 exemplares
De verhalen 1947-1977 (1977) 66 exemplares
Het seksuele bolwerk (1973) 58 exemplares
Voorval : variatie op een thema (1989) 56 exemplares
Oude lucht : drie verhalen (1977) 53 exemplares
De compositie van de wereld (1980) 49 exemplares
Het mirakel (1956) 49 exemplares
Het beeld en de klok (1989) 48 exemplares
Chantage op het leven (1953) 42 exemplares
Wenken voor de Jongste Dag (1961) 36 exemplares
Mijn getijdenboek (1975) 28 exemplares
De kamer (2000) 28 exemplares
De schrijver een literaire estafette (2000) — Autor — 23 exemplares
De ontdekking van Moskou (2015) 20 exemplares
Vijf fabels (1995) 20 exemplares
Paniek der onschuld (1979) 16 exemplares
Anekdoten rondom de dood (1967) 16 exemplares
Twee opgravingen (1947) 15 exemplares
Vonk (2002) 15 exemplares
Egyptisch (1983) 15 exemplares
De tijd zelf (2011) 14 exemplares
Tussen hamer en aambeeld (1999) 14 exemplares
De gezochte spiegel (1983) 14 exemplares
De oer-aanslag (1996) 13 exemplares
Bij gelegenheid (1995) 12 exemplares
Het Ene (1984) 12 exemplares
Logboek 1991-1992 (2012) 11 exemplares
Harry Mulisch 11 exemplares
De zuilen van Hercules (1990) 11 exemplares
De gedichten : 1974-1983 (1987) 11 exemplares
Wat poëzie is : een leerdicht (1981) 11 exemplares
Het zevende land (1998) 10 exemplares
De romans 10 exemplares
Aan het woord : zeven toespraken (1986) 10 exemplares
Zo is het — Editor — 10 exemplares
Het boek (1984) 9 exemplares
Bezoekuur (1974) 9 exemplares
De grens (1976) 8 exemplares
De hond en de Duitse ziel (2002) 8 exemplares
Het licht (1988) 7 exemplares
Paralipomena orphica (1970) 6 exemplares
Paralipomena orphica (2016) 6 exemplares
De taal is een ei 6 exemplares
De toekomst van het boek (1984) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares
Woorden, woorden, woorden (1987) 5 exemplares
Tegenlicht 4 exemplares
Tres fabellae (2014) 4 exemplares
Randstad 11-12 — Editor — 3 exemplares
Randstad 9 — Editor — 3 exemplares
Theater 1960-1977 (1988) 3 exemplares
Opus Gran (1982) 3 exemplares
Randstad 1 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 8 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 7 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 6 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 5 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 4 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Randstad 13 — Editor — 2 exemplares
Geen combinatie 2 1 exemplar
Randstad 10 — Editor — 1 exemplar
Cadeautje! 1 exemplar
New Writing and Writers: No. 19 (1981) — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar
n gesprek met... — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar

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Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Mulisch, Harry
Nome legal
Mulisch, Harry Kurt Viktor
Outros nomes
Мулиш, Харри
Fjodor Klondyke
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Begraafplaats Zorgvlied, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Local de nascimento
Haarlem, Nederland
Local de falecimento
Amsterdam, Nederland
Causa da morte
old age
Eerste Christelijk Lyceum, Haarlem (1940-1944)
Prémios e menções honrosas
P.C. Hooft-prijs (1977)
Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren (1995)
Reina Prinsen Geerligs-prijs (1951)
Multatuliprijs (1993)
Libris Literatuurprijs (1999)
Constantijn Huygensprijs (1977) (mostrar todos 10)
Athos-prijs (1961)
Cestoda-prijs (1977)
Gouden Eeuw Award (2009)
Nonino-prijs voor literatuur (2007)

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Harry Mulisch was born in the town of Haarlem, the Netherlands. His father Karl Mulisch was an Austrian immigrant who had served as an officer in World War I, and his mother Alice Schwarz was herself the daughter of Austrian Jews. By the time Germany invaded and occupied the Netherlands in 1940, his parents were divorced. His father worked at Lippmann-Rosenthal & Company, a repository for looted Jewish assets, where he made connections that helped save Harry and his mother from deportation and death. After the war, his father was imprisoned for three years as a German collaborator and his mother moved to the USA. Mulisch attended the Christelijk Lyceum, which he had to leave in 1944. His original career ambition was to be a scientist. In 1947, he published his first story in a weekly newspaper and five years later, published his first novel, Archibald Strohalm. He went on to produce more novels, plays, collections of essays, short stories, opera libretti, poetry, and memoirs, and covered the Eichmann trial for Dutch newspapers in 1962. He won the leading Dutch literary awards and become the country’s most admired living author. In 1971, he married Sjoerdje Woudenberg, an artist, with whom he had two daughters; in 1989, he began living with Kitty Saal, with whom he had a third child. His 1982 novel De Aanslag (The Assault) was a bestseller that was translated into 32 languages, and made into a successful Dutch film, winning the Academy Award in 1987 for Best Foreign Film. It became a standard text in Dutch schools.



One of the most enternaining and profound philosophical novels ever written - Washington Post
anadejesus | 59 outras críticas | Jul 24, 2011 |



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