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The Heretic (2005) 277 exemplares
Urban Enemies (2017) — Editor; Contribuidor — 211 exemplares
Eyes to See (2009) 124 exemplares
Urban Allies: Ten Brand-New Collaborative Stories (2016) — Editor; Contribuidor — 57 exemplares
Riverwatch (2000) 53 exemplares
Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker's Nightbreed (2015) — Editor — 48 exemplares
A Scream of Angels (2006) 41 exemplares
A Tear in the Sky (2008) 36 exemplares
King of the Dead (2011) 21 exemplares
The Templar Chronicles (2010) 17 exemplares
Infernal Games (2014) 16 exemplares

Associated Works

Limbus, Inc. (2013) — Contribuidor — 196 exemplares
Rage Against the Night (2011) — Contribuidor — 113 exemplares
Lost on the Darkside: Voices From The Edge of Horror (2005) — Contribuidor — 43 exemplares
The Book of Final Flesh (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) (2005) — Contribuidor — 41 exemplares
Masques V (2006) — Contribuidor — 19 exemplares


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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Fordham University
Horror Writers Association
Novelists Inc.
Prémios e menções honrosas
Bram Stoker Award Nominee
International Horror Guild Award nominee
Robert Diforio (D4EO Literary Agency)

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Joe Nassise is an American writer and the author of several novels, including the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles trilogy (HERETIC, A SCREAM OF ANGELS, A TEAR IN THE SKY) , as well as a fiction collection (SPECTRES AND DARKNESS) and assorted short stories found in such works as MASQUES V, CHTHULIAN SINGULARITY, and LOST ON THE DARKSIDE.

He is a former president of the Horror Writers Association, the world’s largest organization of professional horror writers, a two time Bram Stoker Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee, and a life and creativity coach.

Born and raised in Boston, he currently lives in Arizona.

The Lost Tomb. Toronto: Gold Eagle/Worldwide Library, 2009(forthcoming)
Yin & Yang. Toronto: Gold Eagle/Worldwide Library, 2009 (forthcoming)

The Book of Coming Sorrows.Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2010 (forthcoming)

Witches’ Hammer. Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2009 (forthcoming)

Eyes to See. Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2009 (forthcoming)

Die Schatten. Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2008

Der Engel. Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2007

Der Ketzer. Munich: Droemer-Knaur, 2007

Heretic. New York: Pocket Books, 2005.

Riverwatch. Rome: Gargoyle Books, 2005. Bram Stoker Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee

Riverwatch. New York: Pocket Books Books, 2003. Bram Stoker Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee

Novellas and Collections

More Than Life Itself. United Kingdom: Telos Publishing, 2006.

Spectres and Darkness. Los Angeles: Medium Rare Books, 2002
Short Fiction

"Becoming Michael" forthcoming in Monster Noir

“Siren Call,” forthcoming in The Cthulhu Singularity.

“Becoming Michael,” forthcoming in Holy Horrors

“Money Well Earned,’ 2007 Legends of the Mountain State

“Saintkiller,” Masques V. Gauntlet Press, 2006.

“Roadside Memorials,” Lost on the Darkside. Roc, 2005

“Dawn Patrol,” Book of FInal Flesh. Eden Studios, 2004

Comics/Graphic Novels

Candice Crowe - 6 issue mini-series, Arcana Comics, Canada, 2008

“EPIC” - special format graphic novel, Hatfield Innovative Studios, 2008

HERETIC - 6 issue mini-series, Markosia Comics, UK, 2007

Role-Playing Game Supplements

The Sentinel’s Bible - players sourcebook for The Seventh Seal role-playing game, Creative Illusions, 2003
Contributor to On Writing Horror: A Handbook from the Horror Writers Association. New York: Writer’s Digest Books, 2006

Cemetery Dance issue #39 and #50



A mixture of short stories featuring other characters than the series' normal heroes, often the antagonist. Sadly but not unexpectedly, the best stories are those by the famous authors I already know, and none of those new-to-me struck a chord as series to be explored. However even the famous ones weren't necessarily that great, so perhaps this was just an interesting writing experiment that ultimately didn't pan out.
reading_fox | 16 outras críticas | Apr 27, 2024 |
I think I would have liked several of these stories better if I were familiar with the series they were based on. May revisit once I have tried some more from these authors.
Shelley8059 | 3 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |
This is so well written it is almost tragic how uninspired and mediocre the plot turned out.
The book has a fantastic opening that immediately builds a strong connection to the MC and teases an interesting premise.
But it never manages to actually tell an interesting story.
It gets caught up in unnecessary detail a lot but not in the usual overly descriptive way.
It creates depth in places where it is really not needed and it's not relevant to anything really while neglecting other areas that are far more relevant to the story which leads to uneven pacing.
Again, the tragic thing is that it does what it does very well. It just does it at the wrong time and place.

This all sounds very negative but tbh I generally enjoyed reading this one.
It truly was heart-balm to read this after a very long string of badly written sub-par books but it just doesn't manage to convince me beyond a 3-star rating.
There is a reason why so many books even with atrocious writing are so successful. A good story needs more than just good basic writing.
… (mais)
omission | 8 outras críticas | Oct 19, 2023 |
Pretty decent anthology, although, like most, it's better if you're already a fan of the authors' work.
jennybeast | 16 outras críticas | Jun 30, 2023 |



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