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Victor E. Neuburg (1924–1996)

Autor(a) de London Labour and the London Poor [abridged - Neuburg]

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Reading in America: Literature and Social History (1989) — Contribuidor — 53 exemplares
A December Vision: His Social Journalism (1986) — Editor — 28 exemplares


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Capitalism in the 19th century in England creating an ever-enlarging mass of poor people.
burritapal | 5 outras críticas | Oct 23, 2022 |
Fairly odd mix of opinion, statistics and personal stories. Still this is quite compelling reading. Mayhew is enthralled and horrified at the state in which e finds his countrymen. He documents this with every literary tool he has to hand. It's not always artfully done but it most certainly captivating. And honestly it is far too often that the storyteller is taken with their method instead of with their subject. This chunk of history is more skillfully wrought than most. It's impression is certainly more lasting.… (mais)
ednasilrak | 5 outras críticas | Jun 17, 2021 |
Victor Neuberg was one of my tutors at North London Polytechnic, and this book was de rigeur of course if you took his 'Popular literature' course. A very good history of popular literature, Victor was one of the first to make a study of this topic.
mlfhlibrarian | Jan 17, 2014 |
"London Labour and the London Poor" is an extraordinary piece of mid-19th-century journalism. Henry Mayhew, a writer and editor well-known in his time (he was an early editor of Punch), spent years roaming the poor neighborhoods of London, seeking out stories of the poor and downtrodden. He carefully describes the work and economics involved with each profession, and presents many faithfully recorded statements from the people he finds.

From mudlarks (scavengers during low tide on the Thames), to prostitutes (of several distinct classes, such as soldiers' women and moonlighting housewives), to street food-sellers (who knew that one could write so engagingly about the sale of baked potatoes?), Mayhew presents an astonishing portrait of the lives and struggles of poor people in the world's richest city at the height of its power. His writing is detailed but never dull, and he provides invaluable economic data without letting it overwhelm his storytelling. (In particular, his description early in the book of the bustle of activity in the Brill market is one of the loveliest stretches of historical descriptive writing I've ever seen.) Additionally, the statements from his informants are extraordinary and heartbreaking; each one could spawn a novel all by itself.

This particular edition is a collection of well-chosen excerpts from the original three-volume work, plus a few selections from the later fourth volume (edited by Mayhew but largely written by others). My only complaint about this version is that it has no index and only a very general table of contents, for which it loses half a star. But even with these oversights, it is a marvelous reading experience and a priceless source of information about Victorian London. Today, "London Labour and the London Poor" has become an essential resource for anyone who writes about Victorian culture, from Dickens scholars to steampunk and alternate-history authors, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
… (mais)
brianeisley | 5 outras críticas | Nov 22, 2010 |


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