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The Ritual (2011) 831 exemplares, 44 críticas
Last Days (2012) 510 exemplares, 35 críticas
Apartment 16 (2010) 411 exemplares, 23 críticas
The House of Small Shadows (2013) 260 exemplares, 19 críticas
No One Gets Out Alive (2014) 240 exemplares, 15 críticas
Banquet for the Damned (2004) 231 exemplares, 5 críticas
The Reddening (2019) 167 exemplares, 7 críticas
Cunning Folk (2021) 126 exemplares, 6 críticas
Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors (2016) 111 exemplares, 2 críticas
Lost Girl (2015) 71 exemplares, 4 críticas
Under a Watchful Eye (2017) 70 exemplares, 1 crítica
Before You Sleep (2016) 65 exemplares, 1 crítica
The Vessel (2022) 62 exemplares, 3 críticas
Wyrd and Other Derelictions (2020) 50 exemplares, 4 críticas
Hasty for the Dark: Selected Horrors (2017) 37 exemplares, 1 crítica

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Nevill, Adam L. G.
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England, UK
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Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, UK



I'm struggling a bit with the rating here because over all I've enjoyed the book and it kept me entertained and hooked till the end, but at the same time I think it was a bit too long (the horrors were all repetitions of the same thing with little variations: darkness falls, you just know the monsters will come up) and the "explanation" really convoluted (the chapter in Belgium felt out of place to me), with looong expositions that kind of sucked away the tension a bit.

But nearing the end of the book it's almost as if the author suddenly decides to give the plot an almost darkly comical spin and there's a final chapter that is so over the top and full of WTF moments that I'll admit I had a lot of fun reading it.

And the ending with the deliciously evil cliffhanger was really good in my opinion, I made a satisfied "Ha!" reading it and was tempted to add a half star for it.

Ultimately the book is uneven and I wished it was less of a "guilty pleasure" and more of a "quality" horror, but it was a fun ride (I enjoyed the humor too), so it's a solid 3 stars.
… (mais)
Moloch | 34 outras críticas | Jun 24, 2024 |
I enjoyed this book and could not turn the pages fast enough. However....Upon starting this story I almost threw it across the room. The prose, pace and grammar infuriated me. But I stuck with it and exited on the other side with a clear conscience.
A ghostly and much grislier version of War of the Worlds if anything. All the Fiends of Hell stands on its own as a genuinely scary story of survival. The characters are believable to a fault with the bad buy seemingly cut from a mixture of Danny McBride on a homicidal day and a sociopathic Jonah Hill. The reader knows how they want this to end and a satisfaction of sorts might be around the corner....or it may not. This is a grim...very grim book.… (mais)
JHemlock | 2 outras críticas | Jun 17, 2024 |
Nevill has been among my favourite authors from my first read of his books. My favourite out of those I’ve read so far remains No One Gets Out Alive. This newest novel may well be a close second, although trying to choose the best of this author’s work is difficult. In this (possible) alien invasion, supernatural horror, there’s so much to appreciate. The author well uses every sentence, creates a solid plot, and introduces a protagonist who is an average man thrown into exceptional circumstances. One of the book’s strengths is this character’s reactions. Even when he’s frozen in indecision, making me scream, the reaction is appropriate, genuine, and realistic. Real people aren’t superheroes. When hurt, people writhe in pain, unable to always miraculously drag themselves to their feet. The bad guy reminded me of several people I’ve stumbled across and was an excellent love-to-hate antagonist. The world-building also performs well, creating a steady creeping atmosphere and breakdown of our world. Although the horrors unfolding take place on Earth, they feel terribly genuine. The question of what’s bleeding through into our existence, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, denizens of hell… you’ll be wondering about and believing in them all, gazing at the sky and hoping it never turns red.… (mais)
1 vote
SharonMariaBidwell | 2 outras críticas | Apr 29, 2024 |
Obviously inspired by The Day of the Triffids, War of the Worlds and an element of the Quiet Place; this should have been perfect fare for me. Yet I was somewhat disappointed, despite being a lover of post-apoc/dystopian fiction and I'm trying to ascertain why. It's very adjective heavy - always a criticism of the authors books in my view - and whilst there are only so many ways of describing an ominous red sky, it was almost getting to mirror the worst bits of Lovecraftian excess in places. Thankfully nothing eldritch was mentioned though.... Characterization was good but something for me, just didn't gel and I can't really explain more without plot spoilers. For all the end of days horror described and it really is an end of days horror situation, I didn't get the overwhelming feeling of dread that Mr Nevill usually does so excellently and in places without surpass. Kept my attention but felt the whole story was too one directional somehow and dragged in places, despite the events all happening at a frantic pace. A 3.75 stars job.… (mais)
Ignatius777 | 2 outras críticas | Apr 5, 2024 |



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