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Dorthe Nors is the author of four novels, including Mirror, Shoulder, Signal, a finalist for the Man Booker International Prize; two novellas, collected in So Much for That Winter; and the story collection Karate Chop, winner of the Per Olov Enquist Literary Prize. Nors lives in Denmark.

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Mirror, Shoulder, Signal (2016) 277 exemplares
Karate Chop: Stories (2008) 130 exemplares
So Much for That Winter: Novellas (2010) 99 exemplares
Wild Swims: Stories (2018) 49 exemplares
Minna Needs Rehearsal Space (2013) 16 exemplares
Kort over Canada (2018) 9 exemplares
Langs de kustlijn (2022) 7 exemplares
Days (2010) 5 exemplares
Soul : roman (2001) 3 exemplares
Intimitat 2016 1 exemplar
Pershing Square 1 exemplar

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Found in Translation (2018) — Contribuidor, algumas edições36 exemplares


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I picked this book up for Women in Translation Month not knowing much about it. It is a collection of short stories (most 3-5 pages long), with no connections other than thematically, taking place all over the world. The theme seems to be a kind of longing. Whether it is for belonging or understanding or some sort of completion. All the POV characters, men and women, seem to have a sort of itch that things are not quite as they wish them to be. Some escape their irritation, some do not. Some are not particularly likable, some are instantly familiar. A charming and quick read.… (mais)
greeniezona | 5 outras críticas | May 13, 2023 |
Not quite a travel book or a diary, this is a collection of very subjective essays about places on the North Sea coast and the people who live there, mostly in West Jutland, where Nors grew up, but with a couple of excursions into Germany (Sylt) and the Netherlands (Den Helder and Texel).

Nors writes about sand dunes, birds, wind and waves, about fishing communities, churches and lighthouses, but also about tourism and industry and the effects they have had on nature and coastal communities. It's all very much like her fiction: on the surface it looks so delicately put together that a gentle breeze would be enough to scatter it, when in fact there's a lot of very well thought-out Danish engineering going on out of sight. We read about Børglum Abbey, which has been known to disappear from view for short times, about the fabulous naive wall-paintings in Jutland churches, about the women of Fanø, about surfer culture of "Cold Hawaii" and about the pollution from Cheminova. And about all kinds of other fascinating things.

I have a sudden urge to get on my bike and do a tour of Jutland...
… (mais)
1 vote
thorold | 1 outra crítica | Apr 16, 2023 |
A collection of short, enigmatic stories about people who are not quite at home in the world, in which the real thing that's going on often seems to be somewhere in the background, just hinted at in a passing phrase that you might almost miss the first time you read it.

The man in the opening story "In a deer stand" is stuck in a forest, injured and waiting for rescuers who might never arrive, but his real concern is with someone called Lisette who seems to have become the third person in his marriage; in the title story "Wild swims" a woman imagines swimming illegally in the moat of a fortress, but finds the necessary contact with other people involved in the experience of using a municipal swimming pool every bit as wild and dangerous. And so on in the other twelve stories squashed into this 120-page Pushkin Press book: Nors keeps on turning everyday reality into something strange and challenging.… (mais)
thorold | 5 outras críticas | Jan 11, 2023 |



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