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This book is a superb example of the spanking genre (M/F division), even if it is a collection of ten different stories. Collections of short stories tend to disappoint by being disjointed and by being variable in quality and appeal, story-to-story, but this one somehow avoids these drawbacks. Perhaps this is because the characters are largely the same, and perhaps it is because the leading story occupies nearly half of the book. That particular story contains many of the ingredients that will be found highly stimulating by devotees of the genre. It includes a suitably stern disciplinarian headmaster in the act of keeping his callipygous, hot-blooded female secretary in order and also a lengthy episode in which three senior boys are encouraged by the said secretary, after her correction, to demonstrate their amatory vigour. Alison North writes herself into some of the stories, and everywhere in this volume we become convinced that she knows with painful clarity the chastisements of which she writes. Beautifully written, nicely paced, almost faultless.… (mais)
CliffordDorset | Aug 10, 2009 |
This book is a well-written, inventive example of the erotic genre, fundamentally M/F, with a good sprinkling (deliberately chosen word) of the kinds of F/F and M/F/F action that hetero males tend to appreciate. The plot, one of the more credible found in the genre, concerns a young woman who not only amply satisfies her husband, but also finds it difficult to retain her underwear in the presence of other men. When her husband discovers her wanton behaviour, far from disapproving, he encourages this extra-curricular on condition he is kept informed, even to the extent of watching and/or participating. There is a component of M/F erotic flagellation which, though quite small, provides valuable colour. The best part of the book, occupying about the first half, is by far the most satisfying, in that it concerns the development of the new arrangement between the couple, and the invention of new situations capable of providing the right stimulus. Gradually, though, the book seems to get tired of invention, and falls back on seemingly endless descriptions of orgies in which the couple experience scarcely credible repetitions of basically identical activity. This is unfortunate, marring the overall impact of the book, but the earlier parts stand to a large extent on their own.… (mais)
CliffordDorset | Aug 9, 2009 |