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Heart of the Raven Prince: A Cinderella Retelling (2021) 102 exemplares, 4 críticas
Kiss of the Selkie: A Little Mermaid Retelling (2021) 65 exemplares, 2 críticas
To Carve a Fae Heart (2020) 63 exemplares, 1 crítica
A Taste of Poison: A Snow White Retelling (2022) 58 exemplares, 1 crítica
A Throne of Shadows (2022) 36 exemplares
To Spark a Fae War (2020) 28 exemplares, 1 crítica
To Wear a Fae Crown (2020) 26 exemplares
Married by Scandal (2022) 17 exemplares
A Cage of Crystal (2023) 11 exemplares
Shadows of Lela (1918) 7 exemplares
To Rule A Fae Throne 5 exemplares, 1 crítica
Shades of Prophecy (2019) 4 exemplares
Lela Trilogy (3 Book Series) (2020) 3 exemplares
Twisting Minds (2020) 3 exemplares, 1 crítica
Veil of Mist (2018) 3 exemplares
To Kill a Fae King 1 exemplar
A Fate of Flame 1 exemplar

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Have you had reason to question the nature of of your memories?

I couldn't help the less than subtle reference to Westworld ok? In some ways this reminds me of the experimental psycho-therapy happening to some of the characters in season 3 right now.

Then again its all some form of brainwashing right?

I felt almost physically sick at the end when the nature of Claire's reality is revealed. Without spoilers (that would definitely change how you view what's happening) suffice to say it reinforced certain paranoias I have about medication and therapy.

I'm not sure I'd necessarily classify the ending/culmination happy - Claire gets answers and overcomes her demons (so to speak), but no one skips off into the jewel colored sunset nor does the severely broken but uncannily possible society get any sort of revolution.

Its not that kind of book. Through her own choices Claire works the system against itself, but the end result is maybe the best she could have hoped for in such a mercenary world.

Odette's writing is on key and after some narrative slowness at the beginning, picks up speed. The trauma that Claire is reliving, and in some ways deepening, can be felt as she struggles to piece together her fragmented mind. The story sweeps you into a near future where empathy is played for views and manipulating a person's mind on camera is family viewing.
… (mais)
lexilewords | Dec 28, 2023 |
Are you in the mood for banter filled romance between a young woman desperate to escape a bargain (or three) and a Fae Prince more auitedy for the bedroom then the throne room?

Or maybe you want a story wherein cruel, manipulative jerks get their comeuppance and lose face?

Or how the Fae have to learn to see the big picture and not get so riddled by taking sides in a political landscape filled with magic?

Regardless do I have a Cinderella retelling for you! wait for the full review until the book releases soon… (mais)
lexilewords | 3 outras críticas | Dec 28, 2023 |
Aha Bargain with a Fae will you?

Having read (and enjoyed, a lot) the Fair Isle Trilogy that precedes this series (set 20 years earlier, with overlapping cast, but not circumstances) plus having read more Beauty and the Beast retellings then I can shake a staff at, I was so ready for this.

Our dear "Beast", the Unseelie King of Winter, is a grumpy, petulant Fae who is undone by a no-nonsense "Beauty" intent on freedom. I was cracking up at their first meeting, even more after realizing he clearly had no idea what he was doing.

Nor could he act.

Gemma I liked from the first. Not just because of her love of books, but because she had a spine of steel. She acknowledged she messed up, and refused to let it ruin her chances of getting away.

Their plan to break the curse, while somewhat... idealistic, gave a good showing of how they both find solutions. They're both clever and quick, however they use their individual talents in different (occasionally frustrating for the other) ways.

Odette balances the original world with the beats of the fairy tale quite well, incorporating recognizable elements for those who enjoy the original and those who are fans of the Disney version.

In all, a wonderful addition to the Fair Isle world as well as an engaging way to kick off the new series.
… (mais)
lexilewords | Dec 28, 2023 |
Best to allow two days for this adult paranormal fantasy coming-of-age tale with hints of Snow White that also tackles grief and self-medication. I had an ARC via Bookfunnel and this is my voluntary review.
Quakerwidow | Aug 24, 2022 |


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