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University of Mississippi
football player
Tuohy, Leigh Anne (mother)
Baltimore Ravens



Michael Oher has had so many other people tell his story that he must have felt he finally had to tell his own story in his own words.

Michael Oher may be the most well known offensive lineman in the history of the National Football League after the movie, The Blind Side, based on the best selling book of the same name by Michael Lewis. The Blind Side tells of an inner city Memphis kid who grew up virtually homeless but rose to become the first round pick of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

Anyone who read or saw The Blind Side knows the basics of Oher’s story. He grew up in drug infested neighborhoods in Memphis with an indifferent mother addicted to crack cocaine, who often left her many kids to fend for themselves and was at times homeless.

Oher grew up often not knowing where his next meal was coming from or even where he would sleep. In an out of foster care, sometimes homeless, always destitute in if not the basics, direction and care, his character and work ethic, along with a lot of help from some very generous people, eventually landed him at a private school in well to do part of Memphis.

The amazing aspect of Oher’s success beyond people like the Tuohy family who took him into their home and made him part of their family, is his work ethic and perseverance through severe disadvantages.
Yes, Oher got lucky that there were enough people to help him along the way achieve his dreams. But it takes more than being huge and athletic to take those opportunities and turn them into success.

While there are many, many, better off, less disadvantaged athletes that never graduate from college or achieve any level true success in professional sports, Oher graduated and had had success as a pro. Regardless of talent and background, that takes a lot of hard work. And despite the unbelievable disadvantages, Oher took the opportunities in front of him and made a success of his life.

In this book Michael talks about his life growing up, his love for his siblings and his adopted family, the Tuohys, but he also has a message. And that message is to those in similar circumstances not to give up, work hard, and take the opportunities afford and make the best of them. While not all kids in Oher’s situation will be quite as lucky, and probably not have quite the perseverance, Oher’s success creates a model and gives hope to others.

And another amazing thing about Oher is how self aware he is. He notes that the life of a professional football player is short, so he doesn’t live lavishly and plans to save and have a plan for the future. He understands that he doesn’t know everything about football and the professional game and understands he has to continue to learn and improve. It’s a rather refreshing perspective.

This book is readable, interesting, and while it will not really tell much that is not basically known about Oher’s life and success, it is his message of hope and perseverance that makes it a worthwhile read.
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DougBaker | 8 outras críticas | Jul 24, 2019 |
Written from his heart, Michael Oher's story is worth reading. It doesn't have the polish or elegant writing of an accomplished author but his struggle to escape the poverty of his childhood is inspiring. Also inspiring is his adopted family's generosity.
ReluctantTechie | 8 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2014 |
I've been a big fan of Michael Oher since first seeing the movie The Blind Side. Enough of a fan that I have also read the book of the same name as well as the book written by the Tuohy family. This book is the best of the three because it is Michael telling his story, no fiction and no "oh poor me" attitude.

Starting well before any of the fame he has received, Michael tells about growing up as one of a dozen or so children of a crack and coke addicted mother. Being in the middle he has big brothers to look out for him and he has littler bothers and sisters he helps to look out as well. Life in the "projects" of Memphis wasn't easy and he learned a lot of bad habits from both family and friends. However, Michael decided at the ripe old age of seven that he was going to make good and get out of the life his mother and most of his siblings were living.

What follows is a remarkable story about how making the right choices can result in the ability to determine your own life, rather than having it decided for you by others.

I'm highly recommending this book to anyone who thinks that poor and working poor can take care of themselves. Kids need role models and guidance. Michael was determined and lucky, he eventually had both but was born with the determination.
… (mais)
bookswoman | 8 outras críticas | Jul 3, 2013 |
A moving story about making it in spite of anything or anyone trying to stop you. I am glad to find that Michael is not the silent giant portrayed in the movie, that he does have something to say. He gives good advice to those who need help and those who want to help. He is an intelligent, thoughtful person who takes the long view, who is willing to do what is necessary to make his plans come true. An inspirational example for all of us.
5 stars for the story, 3 for the writing.
bgknighton | 8 outras críticas | Sep 11, 2012 |



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