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Helen Oyeyemi was born on December 10, 1984 in Nigeria. She attended Corpus Christie College and later graduated form Cambridge University in 2006. She has authored seven books including: Boy, Snow, Bird, What is Not Yours in Not Yours, Mr. Fox and The Icarus Girl. She won the PEN/Open Book Award mostrar mais in 2017 for "What is Not Yours is Not Yours". (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Obras por Helen Oyeyemi

Boy, Snow, Bird (2014) 1,767 exemplares
White is for Witching (2009) 1,139 exemplares
What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours (2016) 1,135 exemplares
Mr. Fox (2011) 1,013 exemplares
The Icarus Girl (2005) 917 exemplares
Gingerbread (2019) 790 exemplares
Peaces (2021) 291 exemplares
The Opposite House (2007) 246 exemplares
Juniper's Whitening and Victimese (2005) 11 exemplares
Perník (2021) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Thus were their faces (2015) — Introdução, algumas edições333 exemplares
Granta 129: Fate (2014) — Contribuidor — 56 exemplares
Anonymous Sex (2022) — Contribuidor — 54 exemplares
Furies: Stories of the wicked, wild and untamed (2023) — Contribuidor — 45 exemplares
When Rain Clouds Gather AND Maru (1968) — Introdução, algumas edições39 exemplares
African Love Stories: An Anthology (2006) — Contribuidor — 38 exemplares


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British Author Challenge August 2021: Helen Oyeyemi & Bernard Cornwell em 75 Books Challenge for 2021 (Novembro 2021)


I was very disappointed with this book: I really, really wanted to like it, but it turned out it just wasn't for me at all. I have a difficult relationship with magical realism overall, as it tends to be a little hit-and-miss for me, and Gingerbread sadly was a definite miss.

I was very confused throughout the whole book, and really struggled to understand what was going on. Navigating the shifting timelines and keeping track of the multitude of characters was also difficult and definitely did not help my confusion. I was left extremely frustrated by it all, and really struggled to get through this.

That being said, I loved the book's concept. The storyline was very original, and integrated traditional fairytale elements seamlessly to construct a brand new world. I also liked how the original fairytale was the starting point to explore contemporary issues, touching on everything from family and relationships to belonging, tradition, feeling "other" and so much more. The cast was also wonderfully diverse without it feeling obnoxious, which was refreshing.

Overall, this was a definite case of "it's not you, it's me". There was plenty here that I would have loved to love, but it just didn't work out for me.

I received an e-arc of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This did not affect my opinion of the book in any way.
… (mais)
bookforthought | 29 outras críticas | Nov 7, 2023 |
This started out strong and then just got weirder and weirder, to the point that I lost track of the plot. I have a hard time even summarizing what happens here, but it involves a mother telling her daughter her life story, which includes her upbringing in Druhastrana - a non-existent country. The gingerbread the family makes somewhat ties things together and also reminds the reader of fairy tales, which this whole novel seems to be.
japaul22 | 29 outras críticas | Nov 5, 2023 |
If there is a narrative thread here I've failed to find it, but I enjoyed pulling on the bits of loose string I could grasp along the way. A story so opaque I couldn't penetrate it, but beautiful prose and the occasional fairy tale reference I glimpsed thru the fog. This is my second oyeyemi book and I think it's my last, I just don't get it.
KallieGrace | 29 outras críticas | Sep 27, 2023 |
A surreal novel, I'm sure more complex than I understood, but enjoyable.
mykl-s | 41 outras críticas | Aug 13, 2023 |


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