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Jessica Pan is a journalist whose work has appeared in the Guardian's Weekend magazine, The Cut, Refinery29, and Vice, among others. She has a degree in psychology from Brown University and is the coauthor of Graduates in Wonderland, an epistolary memoir about living in Beijing and Paris. She mostrar mais previously worked as a TV reporter and magazine editor in Beijing and now lives in London. Find her @JessicaLPan on Twitter and @JessyPanPan on Instagram. mostrar menos

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between 3 and 3.5 stars. i really liked this. partly it was funny in parts, partly it was showing me another option of a way to be, and partly it was showing me the nightmare of choosing that option. i do wish that this felt more like what everyone could do if they wanted to make some changes to their introvert life (which is why i read it) but i do understand that it has to be individual. it's just that not many people will speak at the moth or on stage at the fringe comedy experience in edinburgh. but i appreciated the book and her voice, for sure.… (mais)
overlycriticalelisa | 17 outras críticas | Mar 31, 2023 |
Deeply relatable at some points. Also tremendously funny, interesting, and eye-opening. See my Kindle highlights for examples.
But I was put off in some moments by the amount of strong language. It was considerably more than my usual threshold.
Alishadt | 17 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2023 |
audiobook nonfiction (~9 hours, read by the author)

shy introvert (incidentally a Chinese/Jewish-American living in England) realizes she has become depressed and decides she wants to try being more extroverted, resulting in a year of horrifically embarrassing, humorous escapades, but also some significant, unexpected successes.

funny and entertaining, but also useful for introverts and extroverts alike (see chapters on charisma and networking).
reader1009 | 17 outras críticas | Jan 5, 2023 |
Journalist Jessica Pan fully embraced her introversion but suffered from crippling social anxiety that was hurting her quality of life. To remedy that, she decided to stop walling herself off from people and start living life as fully as she could, and that meant confronting some of her biggest fears as an introvert. This stunt memoir documents her "year of saying yes," which was essentially throwing herself in the deep end when she could barely swim. She participated in activities that would scare many extroverts, never mind introverts.

Pan is friendly, humble, and funny and is comfortable enough to get vulnerable in parts. Her book is less guidebook and more unique personal experience, but anyone interested in embarking on a similar year of saying yes could certainly use it as a model.

Full review on Goodreads.
… (mais)
Caroline77 | 17 outras críticas | Aug 29, 2022 |


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