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Robert Brown Parker is an American fiction writer of mysteries. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and earned his BA degree from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. He went on to earn his master's degree in English literature from Boston University. He started his career working in mostrar mais advertising. After some years, he went back to school to earn his PhD in English from Boston University in 1971. He then began his writng career while teaching at Northeastern University. He decided to become a full-time writer in 1979. His most popular works were the 40 novels written about the private detective Spenser. The ABC Television Network developed the television series "Spenser: For Hire", based on the character in the mid-1980s. Parker also wrote nine novels based on the character Jesse Stone and six novels based on the character Sunny Randall. On January 18, 2010, Robert Parker died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge Massachusetts. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por Robert B. Parker

The Godwulf Manuscript (1973) 1,647 exemplares
Cold Service (2005) 1,371 exemplares
Night Passage (1997) 1,354 exemplares
School Days (2005) 1,340 exemplares
High Profile (2007) 1,279 exemplares
Back Story (2003) 1,253 exemplares
Hundred-Dollar Baby (2006) 1,252 exemplares
Early Autumn (1981) 1,246 exemplares
Now & Then (2007) 1,203 exemplares
Stranger in Paradise (2008) 1,202 exemplares
Walking Shadow (1994) 1,200 exemplares
Small Vices (1997) 1,197 exemplares
Widow's Walk (2002) 1,182 exemplares
Sudden Mischief (1998) 1,179 exemplares
Bad Business (2004) 1,175 exemplares
God Save the Child (1974) 1,173 exemplares
Hush Money (1999) 1,172 exemplares
Potshot (2001) 1,171 exemplares
Trouble in Paradise (1998) 1,168 exemplares
Thin Air (1995) 1,158 exemplares
Stone Cold (2003) 1,155 exemplares
Sea Change (2005) 1,154 exemplares
Rough Weather (2008) 1,151 exemplares
Night and Day (2009) 1,135 exemplares
Promised Land (1976) 1,134 exemplares
Death in Paradise (2001) 1,118 exemplares
A Catskill Eagle (1985) 1,118 exemplares
Hugger Mugger (2000) 1,115 exemplares
Chance (1996) 1,110 exemplares
Looking for Rachel Wallace (1980) 1,109 exemplares
The Judas Goat (1978) 1,090 exemplares
Mortal Stakes (2009) 1,086 exemplares
The Professional (2009) 1,083 exemplares
Paper Doll (1993) 1,075 exemplares
Pastime (1991) 1,059 exemplares
Pale Kings and Princes (1987) 1,058 exemplares
Double Deuce (1992) 1,055 exemplares
Split Image (2010) 1,037 exemplares
Crimson Joy (1988) 1,015 exemplares
Stardust (1990) 1,002 exemplares
Valediction (1984) 999 exemplares
Playmates (1989) 993 exemplares
Taming a Sea-Horse (1986) 970 exemplares
Family Honor (1999) 966 exemplares
The Widening Gyre (1983) 963 exemplares
Ceremony (1982) 952 exemplares
A Savage Place (1981) 948 exemplares
Painted Ladies (2010) 947 exemplares
Poodle Springs (1989) 925 exemplares
Appaloosa (2005) 923 exemplares
Sixkill (2011) 906 exemplares
Shrink Rap (2002) 887 exemplares
Spare Change (2007) 864 exemplares
Perish Twice (2000) 844 exemplares
Blue Screen (2006) 832 exemplares
Melancholy Baby (2004) 742 exemplares
Resolution (2008) 697 exemplares
Double Play (2004) 620 exemplares
Brimstone (2009) 575 exemplares
Blue-Eyed Devil (2010) 522 exemplares
Gunman's Rhapsody (2001) 457 exemplares
All Our Yesterdays (1994) 452 exemplares
Perchance to Dream (1991) 424 exemplares
Wilderness (1979) 310 exemplares
The Boxer and the Spy (2008) 295 exemplares
Edenville Owls (2007) 284 exemplares
Love and Glory (1983) 211 exemplares
Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe (1988) — Introdução — 202 exemplares
The Best American Mystery Stories 1997 (1997) — Editor; Introdução — 117 exemplares
Enter Spencer (3-in-1) (1989) 102 exemplares
Three Complete Spenser Novels (1995) 59 exemplares
Spenser's Boston (1989) 52 exemplares
A Triple Shot of Spenser (3-in-1) (2005) 36 exemplares
Surrogate (1982) 20 exemplares
A Year at the Races (1991) 18 exemplares
Classic Robert B. Parker (2011) 11 exemplares
Spenser: A Mysterious Profile (2022) 9 exemplares
The Jesse Stone Novels 1-5 (2012) 6 exemplares
A Spenserian Sonnet 4 exemplares
Harlem Nocturne 3 exemplares
Parker on Writing (1985) 3 exemplares
Snuff 1 exemplar
Cold Case 1 exemplar
Kidnappet (1998) 1 exemplar
Med på holdet (1998) 1 exemplar
Une paire de deux (1993) 1 exemplar
Wild Swams 1 exemplar
Kouřová clona (2007) 1 exemplar
Bullet 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Nightmares & Dreamscapes (1993) — Narrador, algumas edições8,331 exemplares
If Death Ever Slept (1957) — Introdução, algumas edições659 exemplares
Woman in the Dark (1933) — Prefácio, algumas edições593 exemplares
Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (2012) — Creator — 449 exemplares
Blue City (1947) — Introdução, algumas edições243 exemplares
The Best American Mystery Stories 2002 (2002) — Contribuidor — 159 exemplares
Boston Noir 2: The Classics (2012) — Contribuidor — 64 exemplares


a ler (1,409) Americano (259) autografado (198) Biblioteca (281) Boston (1,471) calibre (214) contos (610) Crime (1,210) detective (1,459) detective fiction (410) e-livro (652) encadernado (347) Ficção (6,506) Gavião (201) hardboiled (339) Jesse Stone (611) Kindle (365) lido (1,101) Livro de bolso (267) Massachusetts (398) Mistério (9,304) mystery fiction (253) own (214) Parker (333) PB (197) Pi (215) primeira edição (181) private detective (441) Robert B. Parker (369) Romance (441) Romance policial (731) Spencer (227) Spenser (3,367) Spenser series (285) Sunny Randall (307) Suspense (317) Série (824) terror (921) thriller (643) Western (391)

Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Parker, Robert B.
Nome legal
Parker, Robert Brown
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Local de falecimento
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Causa da morte
heart attack
Locais de residência
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Colby College (BA | 1954)
Boston University (M.A. | 1957 | Ph.D | 1971 | English)
technical writer
Parker, Joan H. (wife)
United States Army
Northeastern University
Pearl Productions
Prémios e menções honrosas
MWA Grand Master (2002)
Gumshoe Award (Lifetime Achievement ∙ 2007)
Shamus Award (The Eye for Lifetime Achievement ∙ 1995)
Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement Award (2006)
Helen Brann

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Robert B(rown) Parker (1) was born September 17, 1932, in Springfield, MA. He earned a B.A. in English from Colby College in Maine in 1954, served as infantryman in Korea, and earned an M.A. in English from Boston University in 1957. He held several jobs before enrolling in Boston University's PhD program, and then taught English at various colleges until 1978. He is married to the former Joan Hall; they have two sons. Parker has created private detectives Spenser, and Sunny Randall, and Police Chief Jesse Stone, each of whom is featured in an ongoing series. Their story lines occasionally intersect. He also writes an American Western series featuring Hitch and Cole, and has contributed to the Wyatt Earp saga with the novel Gunman's Rhapsody. Recently, he has written some young adult fiction as well. He died unexpectedly at home in Cambridge, MA, on January 18, 2010.



Any Robert B. Parker fans? Just read that he passed away today. em Crime, Thriller & Mystery (Outubro 2011)


Nice and easy and read in a day. Fewer than 200 pages of a rather simple crime in simpler time.
cwebb | 14 outras críticas | Apr 15, 2024 |
Synopsis: 'A bitter divorce is only the beginning. First the father hires thugs to kidnap his son. Then the mother hires Spenser to get the boy back. But as soon as Spenser senses the lay of the land, he decides to do some kidnapping of his own.
With a contract out on his life, he heads for the Maine woods, determined to give a puny 15 year old a crash course in survival and to beat his dangerous opponents at their own brutal game.' From the web site
Review: This is a great commentary on bad parenting and how kids suffer. Hawk is back and that makes me smile.… (mais)
DrLed | 29 outras críticas | Apr 14, 2024 |
Synopsis: 'Rachel Wallace was a woman who wrote and spoke her mind, thereby making a lot of enemies - one of whom was threatening her life. Spenser, a tough guy with a macho code of honor, was hired to protect Rachel - who thought his code of honor was obsolete. She had no use for his silly code or his machismo and knew they would never see eye to eye. So she fired him. But when Rachel vanished, Spenser would rattle skeletons in blue-blooded family closets, tangle with the Klan, and fight for her right to be exactly what she was. His machi code of honor bound him to her - he had to do whatever it took to save her. That meant he was ready to lay his life on the line to find Rachel Wallace.' From book cover
Review: This one telegraphed what was happening as soon as the love interest emerged. However, it is a great example of the plight of minorities in 1980s. The sad thing is that now, in 2023, not too much has changed for these under-represented groups.
… (mais)
DrLed | 22 outras críticas | Apr 5, 2024 |



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