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John Patrick (1) (1905–1995)

Autor(a) de High Society [1956 film]

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High Society [1956 film] (1956) — Screenwriter — 165 exemplares
The Curious Savage (1951) 131 exemplares
Three Coins in the Fountain [1954 film] (1954) — Screenwriter — 51 exemplares
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing [1955 film] (1955) — Screenwriter — 46 exemplares
The Hasty Heart (1944) 31 exemplares
The Teahouse of the August Moon [1956 film] (1956) — Screenwriter — 20 exemplares
Everybody Loves Opal (1962) 20 exemplares
Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth (1980) 18 exemplares
The World of Suzie Wong [1960 film] (2004) — Screenwriter — 17 exemplares
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Macbeth Did It (1972) 10 exemplares
The Savage Dilemma. (1972) 6 exemplares
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Love is a Time a Day. (1970) 6 exemplares
The Doctor Will See You Now (1991) 4 exemplares
Everybody's Girl. (1968) 4 exemplares
Enchantment [1948 film] (1948) — Screenwriter — 3 exemplares
Opal is a diamond (1972) 3 exemplares
Divorce - Anyone? (1976) 3 exemplares
The Gay Deceiver. (1988) — Playwright — 3 exemplares
Cheating Cheaters (1985) 3 exemplares
Suicide - Anyone?. (1976) — Playwright — 2 exemplares
The Willow and I (1943) 2 exemplares
Liefde overdag 1 exemplar
It's Been Wonderful. (1976) 1 exemplar

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Patrick, John
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Goggin, John Patrick
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A broadway hit of the time, it is about the oddities of the Occupying Yankees, and their Okinawaian hosts. Reasonably funny, mildly racist.
DinadansFriend | 2 outras críticas | Mar 10, 2024 |
This fondly remembered film from the 1950s is romantic escapism at its finest. There are no deeper meanings here, just a beautiful and colorful dish of Rome garnished with three equally pleasing romantic stories. An attractive cast and an appropriately romantic score from the great Victor Young make this film based on John H. Secondari's popular novel of the day a rousing success. Sinatra’s fine rendition of the Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn title song doesn’t hurt one bit either.

Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and Maggie McNamara are three secretaries who follow the tradition of throwing a coin over their shoulder into the beautiful fountain in Rome and making a wish. The wish is supposed to be about staying in Rome forever, but of course is really about finding love, and staying in Rome forever.

Frances (McGuire) is in love with her boss John Shadwell (Clifton Webb), a famous writer who has been in romantic Rome many years, yet can’t see what everyone else already knows. Anita (Jean Peters) is going back home to America in two weeks so breaks office rules when she accepts an invitation from Georgio (Rossano Brazzi) to go to the country for a weekend. And Maria (Maggie McNamara) is the new arrival, enraptured by the beauty of Rome and a playboy Prince (Louis Jourdan) she sets her sights on.

Nothing is rushed in Rome as one of the girls explains to newcomer Maria, and neither is this film. Each story takes its time unfolding but the scenery is so beautiful you never get bored, not even for a moment. There are complications to each romance that I'll refrain from revealing here, so there will at least be a few surprises awaiting you if you have not seen this lovely film before.

What began at the fountains in Rome will end there, with the title song being sung by a chorus as everyone’s romantic story is sorted out in enjoyable fashion. Color was best suited for musicals and escapist fare like this. Here the glorious technicolor should get star billing, as it holds our attention even during the more leisurely moments of the story.

If you don't want a heavy meal but like to go straight to the dessert instead, you can’t go wrong with this one. A great film for a lazy Saturday afternoon.
… (mais)
Matt_Ransom | Nov 25, 2023 |
This novel, and the movie made from it, taught me about bureaucracy, not the useful sort that takes care of people, but the unbending sort that stands in the way of authenticity.
mykl-s | 2 outras críticas | Apr 23, 2023 |
A film starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra (MGM, 1956).

A rich woman's ex-husband crashes her wedding.

C+ (Okay).

This story wasn't good when it was Philadelphia Story, and this version of it is sloppily written. It's a good cast, though. They make an effort to have fun. And the music isn't bad.

(Mar. 2023)
comfypants | Mar 25, 2023 |



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