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Chris Pavone graduated from Cornell University. He spent nearly two decades working as an editor, primarily at Clarkson Potter where he worked on nonfiction titles about several topics including interior design, dogs, cocktails, and food. In the late 1990's, he wrote a book entitled The Wine Log. mostrar mais His first novel, The Expats, was published in 2012 and won the 2013 Edgar Award and the 2013 Anthony Award for Best First Novel. His second novel, The Accident, was published in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The Expats (2012) 1,575 exemplares
The Accident (2013) 739 exemplares
The Travelers (2016) 540 exemplares
Two Nights in Lisbon (2022) 503 exemplares
The Paris Diversion (2018) 266 exemplares
Duas Noites em Lisboa 3 exemplares
The Alchemist 1 exemplar
The First Law 1 exemplar
O manuscrito 1 exemplar


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Pavone, Chris
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New York, New York, USA
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New York, New York, USA



I am not generally a thriller fan; every now and then I will pick one up, it will start intriguing, and then the writing and characters turn dull, and the plot seems obvious. Usually I don't finish. I almost quit on this one, for the obvious reasons, but I kept going and actually enjoyed the end. (I had guessed most, but not all of the plot.)

It's about a woman who is enjoying a stay in Lisbon with her new husband, when the husband disappears, she goes to the police and the consulate. There's a few twists in the plot, mostly around some "me-too" type issues. Some of the writing about sexual violence is pretty heavy-handed---the book would have benefited from sticking to the plot a bit more. Also, IMO, from more character development--but I think that about most thrillers.… (mais)
banjo123 | 35 outras críticas | May 27, 2024 |
I just glanced at the first page of this book I ordered for my partner--and I was off and running. The story took off with authentic thriller components when Ariel wakes to find her husband missing from the Lisbon hotel room the morning after their arrival. It's all warp speed from then on with touches of Lisbon and several narrative threads covering the local police, the American Embassy, the CIA of course and a political nominee. Great escape.
featherbooks | 35 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
Well, that was fun! Short chapters, lots of dialog, chockablock suspense, amazing machinations, Parisian notes and landmarks and photos and a tough female protagonist testing her mettle and her marriage.

"Kate and Peter had a typically late Andalusian dinner accompanied by vermouth and then tinto and then sherry--all told, perhaps too much to drink, though it didn't look that way at the time. It never looks that way at the time, especially when you're having great fun, sharing jokes, smiles, intimacies, a long slow walk through the sexy Spanish streets, the tapas bars spilling tipsy patrons onto the sidewalks, an air of permissiveness.
It was the type of night that looks a lot like a romantic date, one that ends in bed."
… (mais)
featherbooks | 24 outras críticas | May 7, 2024 |
Ariel Pryce wakes up in Lisbon to find her husband gone from their hotel room. They are there for a business trip for her husband but she knows no details about the client he's there to see. There is no note left for her and after a few hours, she attempts to report him missing to the local police. They are less than helpful. She keeps pursuing until the police agree that he is missing, possibly kidnapped.

When a ransom note is received, events are put into place for Ariel to try to get her husband back. There are red herrings thrown in to keep you guessing.

Overall, a very good and entertaining book.
… (mais)
Cathie_Dyer | 35 outras críticas | Feb 29, 2024 |



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